Who is Rhett McLaughlin? Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Career

Rhett McLaughlin

Rhett McLaughlin is a social media and YouTube star from the United States. He has a very popular YouTube channel called “Rhett & Link” where he posts funny videos.

Quick Facts

Age:46 years
Birth Date:October 11, 1977
Horoscope (Sunshine):Libra
Full Name:Rhett Mclaughlin
Birth Place:North Carolina, USA
Net Worth:$20 million
Height / How tall :6 feet 7 inches (2.01m)
Ethnicity:North American
Profession:American YouTube star
Father’s Name:Jim McLaughlin
Mother’s Name:Diane McLaughlin
Education:North Carolina State University
Weight:80 Kg
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Greenish Blue

Rhett McLaughlin Wiki

Rhett Mclaughlin was born in Buies Creek, North Carolina, in the United States of America, on October 11, 1977. He was born in the United States and has a North American background. Diane McLaughlin is his mother, and Jim McLaughlin is his father. He was born in the United States. He was born and raised in the same place. But later, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to make videos for a living. He was born in Libra. Cole McLaughlin is the name of his brother.

Rhett McLaughlin studied engineering at North Carolina State University, which is the only piece of information we have about his education.


On June 5, 2006, Rhett Mclaughlin and his friend Charles Lincoln Neal set up a YouTube channel called “Rhett & Link.” This was Rhett’s first big step into the world of social media. He says that they use the Internet. After that, he and his friend started putting funny music videos, sketches, and silly local ads on their channel.

Many people started to like their videos, which is why more than 4.3 million people have signed up for their first channel, “Rhett & Link.” They have also made “Good Mythical Morning,” “Good Mythical More,” and “This is Mythical,” which have more than 12 million, 2.9 million, and 485,000 subscribers, respectively.

Rhett McLaughlin
Rhett McLaughlin

Rhett McLaughlin’s Net worth

There is no information about how much she makes. He is thought to be worth about $20 million as of January 2024. We can guess that she has a good salary and net worth based on how well she does in her job.

Rhett McLaughlin Height and Weight

Rhett McLaughlin is 6 feet and 7 inches tall. His body weighs 80kg. He has light brown hair and eyes that look a bit green.

Rhett McLaughlin Wife, Marriage

Rhett McLaughlin, an American YouTube star who is young and talented, got married to Jessie Lane on March 29, 2001. He has two sons, Locke McLaughlin and Shepherd McLaughlin, who are both his children. When talking about Rhett McLaughlin’s past relationships, it is thought that there is no more information about the ones in which he was actively involved.
So, Rhett McLaughlin, who is famous on social media, is currently married to Jessie Lane and is also making love with her job.