RHODubai Star Chanel Ayan Reveals That She Almost Married To Her Cousin

Chanel Ayan

Chanel startled her followers tonight on RHODubai by disclosing that she was nearly married to her cousin. She explained to viewers that her arranged marriage had been set up with a relative, but she was OK with it since he was gorgeous. She later met her husband, Luca Salves, and fled her family after four times asking him to marry her. She also disclosed that her spouse had given her a $1000 dowry to marry him. The remark surprised RHODubai fans.

Fans of RHODubai react when Chanel Ayan admits to nearly marrying her cousin.

Chanel went out for ice cream with her husband tonight, and the two chatted about how they met. Chanel discussed the cultural distinctions between marriages in the Western world and those in her own country of Kenya. She claims that parents nurture children as an investment that would pay off when their child marries and receives dowry. She said that she was forbidden by custom from marrying anybody outside her group, much alone a white guy. It was unheard of for a bride to flee her wedding in her community.

Chanel Ayan

She said that all of her wedding arrangements were completed when she ran away from home, which upset her mother. Luca paid her dowry of $1000. She then disclosed that after her marriage, she became acquaintances with that cousin. Fans of RHODubai were astonished by her experience and applauded her for explaining cultural differences so sensitively.

What occurred last week on RHODubai?

Chanel, Lesa, and Caroline Brooks had lunch last week on RHODubai. Chanel apologized by giving Brooks a bunch of lemons and said that they had a sisterly bond. Chanel said that she was in a difficult situation at the time of the altercation. She questioned Brooks’ decision to contact her at 7 a.m. to advise her of the disinvitation.

Caroline was irritated with Chanel since the two used to chat all the time but abruptly stopped after the dispute. She also thought Lesa and Chanel were usually working together. Caroline S. was informed about the meal and informed her that Lesa had requested Chanel to wait for Stanbury’s apologies. Caroline S. said that it was none of Lesa’s concern and that she should “shut up.”

Chanel Ayan

Chanel subsequently assisted Lesa in organizing her first fashion exhibition. Lesa revealed that her husband did not share the company’s mission and had only committed money because he trusted Lesa. Caroline stayed home with her fiancé and puppy instead of attending the fashion show. Chanel assumed Caroline did not attend the performance since Chanel was there.

Nina and Caroline S. reserved a hotel room under the sea for their children’s sleepover. Nina was terrified about spoiling the children. Caroline mentioned Sergio’s desire for children in the future, but her daughter said that she would not have another sibling. RHODubai exposes the lavish lives of Dubai’s influential and rich women. The first season of the program includes:

  • Lesa Milan
  • Caroline Stanbury
  • Sara Al Madani
  • Nina Ali
  • Ayan Chanel
  • Caroline Brooks

The program airs on Bravo every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET. The next day, episodes are accessible on Peacock and the network’s website.