Ricardo Cruciani A Neurologist Was Found Dead At Rikers Island Prison

Ricardo Cruciani

Ricardo Cruciani, a former neurosurgeon and alleged s*x offender, died on Monday morning at Rikers Island, when officials found him in the shower area with a towel around his neck. Ricardo Cruciani, 68, was slated to be sentenced on September 14 for allegedly breaching at least six patients, according to the New York Times. Prosecutors claim that his method was to allegedly get female patients reliant on opioids before informing them that he would only provide the drug in exchange for illicit favors. Prosecutors believe he preyed on victims in New York City, Hopewell, and Philadelphia for over 15 years.

Ricardo Cruciani’s death

According to Fox News, Ricardo Cruciani reportedly entered the Rikers Prison shower facility at 4:23 a.m. An officer found his unconscious corpse at 5:35 p.m., according to reports. He passed away about an hour later. The matter of Cruciani’s death is still being investigated, according to New York City Department of Corrections Commissioner Louis Molina.

Ricardo Cruciani

He stated:

“We will launch a preliminary internal investigation to ascertain the circumstances of his demise.” Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

According to the New York Post, Ricardo Cruciani, who pled guilty to 12 misconduct-related offenses, planned to fight the judgment following the conviction. He faced the possibility of life in jail.

What exactly were the charges leveled against Rudolph Cruciani?

Cruciani targeted women across multiple workplaces and hospitals, including the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, according to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L Bragg Jr. Bragg said in an official press release:

“Ricardo Cruciani willfully took advantage of his victims’ misery and exploited his authority as a medical practitioner.”

He went on:

“When we go to physicians for aid, we want them to respect our bodies and health, but Dr. Cruciani completely failed in that obligation.” Dr. Cruciani left six survivors who are now suffering from serious ailments and years of stress.”

Cruciani’s lawyer, Fred Sosinsky, said his client was wrongfully charged.

Ricardo Cruciani

According to Sosinsky:

“In the end, it seems that the cumulative weight of six accusers won the day, rather than a fair evaluation of each of their questionable testimonies.”

He went on:

“However, we are certain that the trial court made a number of legal mistakes that we look forward to correcting before the appeal courts.”

While Cruciani’s death appeared to be a suicide, investigators have yet to confirm this.