Robert Brown Was Chastised For Using Her Daughter For Financial Gain

Robert Brown

Robert Brown is the father of Millie Bobby Brown, a British actress, and model best known for her role as Eleven with psychokinetic and telepathic skills in Netflix’s smash horror drama series Stranger Things. In the past, Robert worked as a real estate agent in the United Kingdom.

Quick Facts

Full Name Robert Brown
First Name Robert
Last Name Brown
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality British
Birth Country United Kingdom
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kelly Brown
No Of Children 4
Date of Birth 1967

Marriage life

Robert married Kelly Brown a long time ago and they are still together. To make ends meet, the British couple migrated to Spain and opened a restaurant. Millie was born in Spain to them. They returned to the United Kingdom when Millie was four years old and lived in Bournemouth. When Millie was eight years old, the family relocated to Orlando, Florida, with the intention of starting a teeth whitening company.

Robert Brown

He had a different vision for Millie than he had for his other three children.

Robert is the father of four children, which he shares with his adoring wife, Kelly. Millie is his third child, after Paige, Ava, and Charlie Brown. She was born deaf in one ear and, after many years of surgery, she finally lost all hearing in that ear. However, this did not deter her from performing and eventually becoming famous. Robert saw something different in Millie than he saw in his other three children, and that was her acting bug. Millie, according to Robert, preferred musicals such as Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie, and Bugsy Malone over cartoons. She’d belt out a song. He continued by noting that his daughter has been performing from the beginning.

They made every effort as parents to assist their daughter.

Millie achieved enormous success at a young age, but the triumph was shared by her parents, who sacrificed all in the path to support her. Robert enrolled Millie in a weekend stage while she was in Orlando so she could learn, dance, act, and sing every Saturday. Millie’s potential was noted by a Hollywood talent scout, who said that she has an instinct that Robert and Kelly could not teach her and that she could mix it with the greatest youngsters in Hollywood. Hearing such high praise from them drove them to relocate to Los Angeles and sell all they had. Before Millie won a huge job, they were on the point of bankruptcy and going through a financial crisis.

Because they were strapped for cash, Robert could hardly afford to take Millie to auditions and would only do so provided she knew all of her lines. Being in such a difficult circumstance was intolerable for their oldest daughter Paige, and the family was forced to return to England to dwell at their aunt’s home. Everyone in the family was devastated, particularly Millie, who feared her goal of becoming a celebrity was ended.

Despite her lack of confidence, she continued to audition. She later auditioned for Stranger Things, where she had to weep, and her acting was so genuine and raw at the moment that she nailed it. Robert and his family returned to the United States shortly after. Millie had to cut her hair for her job, and Robert and Kelly were first skeptical, but she eventually persuaded them by telling them

“Dude, it regrows. It’s all right.”

She came to notoriety after appearing on Stranger Things and has since landed big parts.

Robert Brown

He made headlines when he demanded money from agencies

In 2016, Robert made headlines when he demanded money from agencies in order to sign his 12-year-old daughter. Following his daughter’s breakout appearance in Stranger Things, agents flocked to sign her. With her increased demand, word got out that he was seeking up to $100,000 for signing his daughter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources at five separate agencies indicated that Robert, also known as Bobby, requested a large monetary payment for signing Millie, with two sources revealing the sum to be $100,000.

He and his wife were chastised for using their daughter for financial gain.

Hunter Echo was questioned for grooming Millie during his July 2021 Instagram live session. He went on to detail his claimed sexual experiences with Millie. Above that, he made a surprising announcement, revealing that Millie’s parents had permitted him to live with Millie for eight months. Fans quickly responded, criticizing them for allowing their then-16-year-old daughter to reside with their then-20-year-old for eight months. They were also chastised for ignoring their daughter and using her for financial gain. The Brown family, however, remained silent on the topic, despite Millie’s team threatening Hunter with legal action.

Hunter subsequently removed his TikTok video in which he apologized for his rude words. In his video, he said that he was not proud of what he said, which sounded incredibly immature and nasty. He also apologized for making a live webcast, saying it reflected poorly on his family, himself, and his friends.