Rodney Tyson Complex Relationship With His Brother Mike Tyson

Rodney Tyson

Rodney Tyson is well-known as the brother of Mike Tyson, an American former professional boxer who is likewise regarded as one of the finest heavyweight fighters. Rodney works as a surgical assistant at the LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. Prior to that, he was a medical corpsman in the United States Navy.

Quick Facts

Full Name Rodney Tyson
First Name Rodney
Last Name Tyson
Date of Birth 1961
Profession Physician assistant
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Jimmy Kirkpatrick
Mother Name Lorna Smith Tyson
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Tammy
No Of Children 1
Sibilings Denise Tyson, Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, and Mike Tyson

Happily married.

Rodney and his wife, Tammy, have a happy marriage. The precise date of their marriage is unknown, but they are still married. After their wedding, the couple had a kid and moved to Los Angeles, California. Despite being the brother of a boxing great, he normally stays out of the limelight. His parents, Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Smith Tyson had been living together but had never married. His father was a standout baseball player in his community.

They split up after Mike was born, and his mother became a single parent. Mike described his mother as a complicated lady with many men’s concerns. She had a lot of lovers, and some of them used to come over to their homes and get drunk. Mike used to slash their pockets and rob them when they were inebriated. Her last partner remained with her till her death in 1982. Purcell Tyson is listed as Mike’s biological father on his birth certificate, but Mike had known Jimmy as his father.

His three siblings see him as their older brother.

Rodney is the oldest of three siblings, but his sister Denise Tyson is no longer with us. She died of a heart attack in February 1990. Mike and Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick are his other two siblings. His paternal half-brother is Jimmie. They grew up in a high-crime area in Brooklyn, New York.

 His complicated connection with his brother

Rodney and his five-year younger brother Mike are opposed. He was a scientist-type man who loved experimenting from a young age, but Mike preferred to inflict misery on others.

Rodney Tyson
Rodney Tyson (Source: Google)


He was often harassed by his brother, including a violent incident in which his brother sliced him with a razor, leaving him bleeding. According to Mike, they haven’t gotten along since they were kids, and the bond is still shaky. He hasn’t read The Undisputed Truth, his brother’s book.

Mike was emotionally and mentally damaged as a result of his inability to get to know his mother properly.

Mike had been arrested 38 times by the age of 13, and his family’s situation had deteriorated as a result. He admitted in his book The Undisputed Truth that he never got to know his mother well. One of the medical personnel who filled her ears, calling him messed up and mentally retarded, stole the love, hope, and security he could get from his mother. He never saw his mother pleased or proud of him for doing anything. He never got a chance to talk to her or get to know her because she was always drunk, which crushed him emotionally and psychologically.

Rodney Tyson
Rodney Tyson (Source: Google)

Net worth

Rodney’s net worth has not been disclosed. His brother Mike’s net worth is currently unknown. Mike earned a whopping $430 million in net income during his career. He is left with $10 million in November 2022 after spending his extravagant income on mansions, cars, gadgets, cars, and motorcycles, accessories, expensive gifts for strangers, a collection of Bengal Tigers including an animal trainer for $125,000 per year, and an entourage.