Roger Cawley- All About Goolagong Cawley Husband

Roger Cawley

Roger Cawley is the spouse of Goolagong Cawley, a well-known tennis player. He used to play junior tennis in the United Kingdom. Roger Cawley with his wife, Goolagong Cawley, during the 2015 Newcombe Medal at Crown Palladium in Melbourne, Australia.

Quick Facts

Full Name Roger Cawley
First Name Roger
Last Name Cawley
Profession Celebrity Husband
Nationality British
Birth City England
Birth Country United Kingdom
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Goolagong Cawley
No Of Children 2
Married Date June 19, 1975

Relationship with the Coach Is Frayed

His wife was exposed to tennis when she was a child. Bill Kurtzman, her next-door neighbor, encouraged Emily to play tennis. She used to reside in Barellan with her parents at the time. Vic Edwards, the operator of a tennis school in Sydney, came along with two helpers in 1965 to assess the potential of little girl Goolagong Cawley. They were pleased by her game after seeing it. Vic Edwards immediately requested that her parents relocate to Sydney so that she might begin her professional career.

Roger Cawley
Roger Cawley (Source: Google)

After much pleading, her parents finally consented to send her to Sydney for a brighter future. She attended Willoughby Girls High School and graduated from college in 1968. Vic Edwards and his family used to be her neighbors. Vic Edward, the local guardian, coach, and manager, used to instruct her in tennis in between. However, his wife (Goolagong Cawley) subsequently disclosed that she had a problematic relationship with her old coach Vic Edward, who made sexual attempts toward her. As her local guardian and manager, he used to have complete control over her funds and professional choices.

Love Life Had A Difficult Period

Roger Cawley and his wife first met in 1971. Although there is no comprehensive information on how they met, given that they both work in sports, they must have met via sports since his wife’s coach (Vic Edward) used to dominate every area of her life, causing conflicts between them.

They began to have difficulty preserving their connection. However, one day, the pair decided to put their disagreements aside and married in London on June 19, 1975. After marrying her significant other, she cut all ties with her coach, Vic Edwards. He did, however, remain an official coach for Wimbledon 1975. Roger Cawley became his wife’s official coach after Wimbledon. The couple moved down to the city of Naples, Florida, known as ‘Naples,’ USA.

It’s a good life to be married to a wife and children.

After two years of marriage, the couple decided to become parents. On May 12, 1977, his wife gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Kelly Inalla is the name the couple gave to their daughter. Four years later, they welcomed a healthy baby boy into their lives, whom they named Morgan. Morgan, their son, was a former national soccer player. His children are all grown up and married to their separate spouses. The pair have also become grandparents. They enjoy babysitting and spending time with their grandkids.

Roger Cawley
Roger Cawley (Source: Google)

Roger Cawley’s Net Worth in 2022

She makes a living as a professional tennis player. She has earned $1,399,431 in prize money alone. Her other source of revenue would be a brand affiliation, company, and endorsement, which would increase her net worth. She and her family must live a lavish lifestyle. Roger Cawley’s net worth is about $2 million as of November 2022


  • On April 26, 1976, his wife was rated as the number one tennis player in the world.
  • His wife had four Australian Open victories.