Rosamund Pike Shares A Funny Stories On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike and her lifelong spouse, Robie Uniacke, have two children. Her first child, son Solo, was born in 2012, and her second child, Atom, was born in 2014. The Gone Girl actress has successfully kept her children out of the spotlight. She had never shared any of their photos on social media. Having said that, the seasoned actress has often revealed amusing anecdotes about them.

Rosamund Pike’s Children Dressed Like Drunk Partygoers

During a virtual visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pike shared a hilarious story about a vacation she had with her boys. During the summer, she brought her son’s river rafting in the Czech town of Cesky Krumlov, according to her own statements. She was aware that it was a classic Czech pastime to undertake with children, but she overlooked the fact that the location was well-known for bachelorette parties. So, while riding across the countryside, they came upon a group of “scantily dressed girls…a bunch of ladies in bikinis, with a really enormous inflatable guy…”

Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike

“So my kids were enthralled,” Pike said cynically. She went on to say that they ran upon a group of very drunk folks. Some were collapsing, some were staggering over the side of a boat, while still others were soaked in the dirt. The males were splattering mud on all the girls. “I mean, my kids have never stopped kind of acting intoxicated since then,” Pike said, adding that they were emulating the drunk adults. She said that her children were under the assumption that this was what grownups did.

Rosamund Pike’s Kids Reviewed Toothpaste

During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Pike also revealed that her children had to replace their toothpaste. She described how children must move from the lovely world of childhood to the harsh world of maturity, from flavored toothpaste to “menthol and fluoride and stern type of dental things.” The Wheel of Time actress said that she was late in making the switch. “I assume I was meant to do it at the age of six, and I already have an eight-year-old.”

Her children did not seem to like the shift. Signal toothpaste was described as “not spicy, quite serene,” while Colgate Triple Fresh provided “beautiful, fresh minty breath.” Pike and Kimmel both broke out laughing when she said that youngsters didn’t need to know good adjectives.

Is Rosamund Pike Married?

Pike has been in a long-term relationship with her spouse, and they have raised their children together. They have not, however, wedded. Pike is fully aware that she is acting unconventionally. “You attempt to do the correct and traditional thing, and it doesn’t work, and then you’re free again,” she said to Vogue (via US Weekly) in 2012.


She also said that she and her partner had their kid outside of marriage, saying it felt “infinitely more proper.” Pike had made traditional choices prior to her relationship with Uniacke. She was on the verge of marrying her ex-fiance, Joe Wright. She announced their engagement and invited people to their September 2008 wedding. Wright, on the other hand, left her to issue the invitation without consulting him first.