Sally Ann Howes- Everything You Need To Know About Her

Sally Ann Howes

Sally Ann Howes is a retired English actress and vocalist with a career spanning six decades. She was born in John’s Wood, London, on July 20, 1930. Howes has dual British-American citizenship and has lived in New York in the past. She does, however, now reside someplace in Florida. Howes is the granddaughter of Broadway director Capt. J.A.E. Malone and the daughter of famed English actor-comedian Bobby Howes. She is best remembered for her part in the 1968 musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as Truly Scrumptious.

Sally-Ann Howes’ Professional Life

Howes started her acting career at the age of twelve. She has previously worked on a number of film projects before turning 20. The most significant film of her early career was Anna Karenina (1948). She made her big start in theatrical acting in 1950 with Leonard Bernstein’s Fancy-Free and then performed in Sandy Wilson’s musical, Caprice. However, her 1968 children’s film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, remains her greatest blockbuster success to date.

The script for the film was written by one of America’s greatest literary personalities, Roald Dahl, who also created the timeless classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fans and admirers still refer to her as Truly Scrumptious, which was the name of her character in the film. She co-starred in the film with famed actor Dick Van Dyke, who played Caractacus Potts.

Later, she appeared in the film adaptation of The Dead, a classic short tale by Irish writer and novelist James Joyce. The film was first released in 1987. Toward the end of her career, Howes devoted more time to the musical stage. She retired in 1992, although she remains active in musical theater to this day.

Who Is Sally Ann Howes’s Husband?

In 1958, Howes married American lyricist and playwright Richard Adler. It’s worth noting that this was Howes and Adler’s second marriage. After Adler’s first wife died in 1964, the actress was kind enough to adopt his two children from his first marriage. After his divorce from Howes in 1966, Adler married for the third time. Howes, on the other hand, had two additional marriages. She is now married to literary agent Douglas Rae, whom she has been married to for 48 years. She described her marriage [with Rae] as her “biggest achievement” and “rock” in one of her interviews.

Sally Ann Howes

What is Howes doing these days?

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Howes’ location or project. Her most recent public appearance was in 2012 when she was photographed with her husband Rae at Palm Beach Dramaworks’ Theatre Guild Dinner.  She is presently working as an artistic consultant for the Guild in Florida, according to reports. The accomplished actress is also said to attend charity events, seminars, and Broadway premieres. However, no trustworthy source seems to have confirmed this fact.