Sania Khan A Photographer Was Killed By Her Ex- Husband Raheel Ahmed

Sania Khan

On July 18, 2022, Sania Khan, a photographer, was purportedly killed by her ex-husband Raheel Ahmed, 36, at her Streeterville apartment. In addition, he committed himself when he heard the police at the door. Raheel Ahmed, a citizen of Georgia, drove to Streeterville to face Sania. Since his family had filed a missing person report with Atlanta police, officers were sent to the apartment on East Ohio Street to conduct a welfare check on him.

The moment Chicago police knocked on the door, they heard a gunshot. Upon admission, they discovered Sania’s corpse lying near the door, shot in the back of the head. Ahmed was afterward discovered in a bedroom with the same injuries.

Ahmed and Khan ended their relationship in the winter of 2021. Khan’s relationship with her parents was strained since they did not support her choice to divorce Ahmed, despite his aggressive and poisonous behavior throughout the marriage.

Sania Khan

All information is known about Sania Khan

Sania Khan was a photographer and content developer whose forte was candid photography. According to her website, her career began when she purchased her first DSLR. In addition, it has her wedding photography, since she specialized in capturing intimate moments between couples on their wedding day. Khan was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in 2021 she relocated to Chicago, Illinois. Her previous position as a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines was to manage cabin crew communication.

The 29-year-old had around 3000 TikTok followers. According to her biography, she was a South Asian divorcee. She also said that she was a photographer. Her TikTok material mostly focused on her divorce and photographic adventures. Following her tragic death, one of her friends, Grant, said that Khan intended to return to her hometown and start a new chapter of her photographic career. Grant also claimed that they became friends at the Chattanooga School of Arts & Sciences due to their shared interest in photography. Khan was a psychology and women’s studies double major. Grant declined to comment on the connection between Khan and Ahmed. Additional information concerning Khan’s personal life has not been publicly disclosed.

Sania Khan

Twitter users pay respect

Although Sania Khan was not a well-known personality, her talent as a photographer was always admired by her colleagues. People shared their sorrow on Twitter upon learning of Khan’s passing. Sania’s situation exemplifies the terrible truth that many parents are unable to sympathize with their daughters’ misery in violent marriages. Many are asking if cultural customs are more important to these parents than their child’s wellbeing.