Son Ye-jin Guarantees Viewers That They Would Not Be Disappointed With Thirty-Nine.

Son Ye-jin

While JTBC is now preoccupied with the Snowdrop controversy, it is also preparing to release another masterpiece, the much-anticipated romance-drama Thirty-Nine. The series, which will also be available on Netflix, will depict the tale of three high school best friends, Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin), Jung Chan-young (Jeon Mi-do), and Jang Joo-Hee (Kim Ji-Hyun), whose bond lasts far into their thirties.

But, although their relationship has remained constant, their lives have diverged. Mi-jo is now a Gangnam dermatologist, Chan-young, who formerly dreamed to be a successful actor, is now an acting instructor, and Joo-hee works as a cosmetics manager at a department store.

The three friends are on the approach of reaching 40, yet they are still together, surviving a number of unexpected problems, whether they are related to their personal lives or their professional careers. According to Jeon-mi Do in an interview with Osen, it was this relatability that helped her identify with the drama’s narrative.


“I had so much fun that I read the screenplay all at once.” Because it’s a narrative around my age, I had a strong connection to it.”

Jung Chan-young, her character, chooses the term “freedom” to describe herself.

“I was drawn to the way she communicates her views and emotions without hesitation.”

She also said that the subject of Thirty-Nine would be the three main characters’ deep relationships and how they manage to keep their inner child safe despite societal pressures. In the program, Jeon Mi-do wants viewers to experience and connect with the trio’s friendship.

Jeon Mi-do

“I hope you can see how the camaraderie between the three friends is shown, as well as how each of the love stories progresses.”

The series’ production crew has also spoken about Jeon Mi-performance does’s in the program and her great acting.

“We are comforted by Jeon Mi Do’s desire for demonstrating a flawless acting metamorphosis, to the point that it seems like the character of Jung Chan Young was tailor-made for her.” Please keep an eye out for Jeon Mi Do’s performance.”

Jeon Mi-do

Son Ye-jin guarantees viewers that they would not be disappointed with Thirty-Nine.

Son Ye-jin previously said that she accepted the part of Mi-Jo because she identified with the thoughts and fears created in women in their late 30s as a result of ageism. “I enjoyed the writing since it adequately depicted life, existence, death, love, and life’s pleasures and sufferings.” Ye-jin, like her Thirty-Nine co-star, hopes that the program will soon become everyone’s favorite. “I’m certain (the drama) will live up to your expectations since it has a wonderful screenplay, a great cast, and outstanding performers.” You won’t be sorry, no matter how long you’ve been waiting, so please look forward to it.”