Streamer xQc’s Dropped First Tiktok On “TwitchxQcOW”


Fans are ecstatic that popular Twitch streamer xQc has joined TikTok as ‘twitchxQcOW.’ On Thursday, March 31st, 2022, the star posted his first TikTok, and fans, predictably, went crazy.

To give his fans a better idea of what to expect from his debut on the Byte-Dance-owned platform, the gamer live-streamed the creation of his first-ever TikTok.

xQc (Source: Pinterest)

xQc Makes His First Tiktok Video

xQc’s first TikTok video was simple and brief. In the background, the star used the platform’s iconic ‘AUUGHHH’ sound, which imitates a cow’s mooing, while the overlay text in the video read: “FIRST TIKTOK BE NICE.”

The streamer enters the frame as the TikTok begins, and his face is a little too close to the camera for our liking. True to his personality, xQc’s first video on the platform was quirky and strange. So far, the video has received over 2.7 million views.

Fans React To The Streamer’s Platform Debut

Some fans also commented on how long it took the streamer to create his first TikTok video. I’ve spent the last 10 minutes watching xqc attempt to make a TikTok…


xQc’s Toe Was A Trending Topic

During his March 30 stream, the 26-year-old inadvertently showed off his big toe, a seemingly insignificant act that elicited a massive reaction from fans.

The camera caught a glimpse of the streamer’s toe while he was showing off the inside of his PC. Viewers of the French-Canadian social media star quickly mocked his big toe.

A viewer jokingly referred to it as a “goblin” toe. Back in July 2021, xQc gave his viewers a room tour that included many empty fast food containers. The room was also in disarray, prompting viewers to describe it as “disgusting and sad.”