“Summer House” Season 7 Is Released On Bravo

summer house

Summer House will return in February 2023 for a second season. The forthcoming season will follow roommates as they return for another summer filled with tensions, brawls, crazy fun, and mayhem.

According to Bravo’s news release:

“Mya Allen, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, Danielle Olivera, and Carl Radke will all be back this summer. New pals Samantha Feher, Chris Leoni, and Gabby Prescod join the roommates, as do longtime friends Andrea Denver and Kory Keefer.”

Season 7 of Summer House will air on Bravo on Monday, February 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

Season 7 of Summer House: What to Expect

The roommates return for a grueling summer in the forthcoming season of Summer House, which premieres on February 13. Familiar and unexpected characters will spend the summer together, navigating their friendships and relationships, among other things. Multiple cast members are shown making their way to the mansion where they would spend the summer together in a Bravo teaser. Lindsey explains in the video that they moved in two weeks ago. Kyle and Amanda are pictured loading their belongings into their vehicle and heading away. Kyle has always been a member of the cast who has to develop, but he plans to do so this year. Gaby and Paige may also be seen in the video. Paige is telling her who everyone is presently dating.

Kyle says in the video that the Hampton mansion, which has nine rooms, may only legally have five. As a consequence, four rooms are unavailable for usage, and it looks like the Summer House actors will have to share rooms in the forthcoming season.

An interviewer asks many cast members to characterize the summer in the season 7 first-look trailer, and the adjectives that potentially come up include surprising and mayhem. The video shows multiple confrontations and disagreements between friends and couples. Lindsey and Danielle are shown bickering over something, and Lindsey questions why she needs Danielle’s approval.

According to the latter:

“What you’re saying is just insane to me.”

Later, the two are shown bickering again, and Lindsey alleges that Danielle bashes her throughout the season, while Danielle argues that she doesn’t speak about her to other people, just to her face. Gaby was shortly seen weeping on the floor, and two cast members hugged and comforted her as a result of this contact.

The footage then cuts to a meal with the female cast members, during which Gaby opens up about one of her previous relationships and tells the group that they dated for four years. This was followed by the disclosure that he had cheated on her with Danielle.

summer house

In the tape, Amanda and Kyle discuss having a kid, and she informs him that they can’t become pregnant right now and worries if anything is wrong. She may also be seen cuddling Kyle when he becomes emotional. Paige and Craig, who are in a long-distance relationship, are also in the limelight. Paige feels overburdened as her lover proposes marriage within the next six months. Watch what happens next in Summer House season 7 on Monday, February 13 at 9 p.m. ET.