Sutton Stracke Discussed Attending The People’s Choice Awards With RHOBH Co-Stars

Sutton Stracke

RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) finished its three-part finale on October 26, and there has been a heavy air surrounding the reality stars ever then. The program is presently on hiatus due to the explosive season, so there is no specific news regarding season 13; nonetheless, the housewives were seen reunited at the People’s Choice Awards 2022, and it wasn’t altogether nice. Sutton Stracke compared the event to “the most embarrassing Thanksgiving meal ever”—only a thousand times worse. In an interview with Page Six, she added:

“It felt uncomfortable, like gritting our teeth.”

She went on to say that the occasion was made much more unpleasant by the manner they were situated.

The cast of RHOBH will appear at the People’s Choice Awards in 2022.

The majority of the RHOBH ladies rushed to social media to express how embarrassing the night was. Stracke sat next to her on-screen adversary, Rinna, who was sitting close to her competitor, Kathy. Rinna accused Sutton of attempting to embarrass her during season 12 by alleging that the former and her husband did not thank her for bringing them to Elton John’s annual Oscars philanthropic party last autumn. During one of the instances, a drunk Rinna said:

“You attempted to make us seem bad. But you embarrassed yourself. You didn’t make any of us feel bad… When you did it, you looked like a f****** idiot.”

Syd McGee

Hilton was sitting next to Erika Jayne, with Crystal Kung Minkoff on her opposite side. The most recent season of the Bravo reality program included some of the cast’s most heated feuds. Erika called out Kathy at the reunion special for using a homophobic slur during their trip to Aspen. During the show, Kathy, however, disputed the accusation and said that she would never use such words.

Kathy stated:

“I will confess what I do, but I will not be represented as the monster you attempted to portray…”

Her RHOBH co-star cut her off, insisting that they were her words and what she stated straight to her. Andy Cohen told viewers that Bravo HR had begun an inquiry into the situation, but the conclusion was inconclusive since it was a case of “she-said, she-said.”

The fact that they were sat next to one other was a ticking time bomb, but happily, they grinned the discomfort away rather than flinging hands.

Stracke elaborated on the exchange by saying:

“Because it’s so dysfunctional, one of us may say something humorous and we laugh because we feel uncomfortable.” “Someone just say anything,” it’s like.

Sutton Stracke

The RHOBH star also remarked on Hilton’s use of lip gloss on stage. Since then, the video has gone viral. She went on to say that she didn’t witness the incident since she was too far away, but she feels her co-star didn’t realize the camera was on her. During the event, RHOBH actress Kyle Richards was questioned about the show’s hiatus, and in an interview with Extra, she claimed that she feels pause is simply a buzzword that sounds more dramatic than it is. She also said that they generally begin shooting in April, but that they are beginning a bit later this time.