Teyana Taylor And Her Daughter Are Launching A New Clothing Line Called “JuJuBeez.”

Teyana Taylor

Teyana I Shay Jacqueli Shumpert, alias Teyana Taylor, is collaborating on a new apparel line called the JuJuBeez with her six-year-old daughter Junie and the next-generation business incubator Thmbl. Teyana Taylor, a dancer, singer, and model, debuted her mother-daughter garment brand on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, marking her newest effort in the fashion industry. The collection includes both children’s and adult athletic designs, allowing parents to effortlessly “twin” with their children. The collection is available for purchase on Thmbl’s official e-commerce site. Pre-orders will begin on June 21, 2022.

More about the recently announced Teyana Taylor x Junie JuJuBeez clothing line

Teyana Taylor has been active in the fashion industry for many years. She has worked with streetwear labels such as Pretty Little Things and GDCS, as well as sportswear behemoth Reebok. Teyana Taylor is on her road to success after finally putting her amazing fashion sense to use for her own enterprise. In an exclusive interview with Women’s Wear Daily about her recently announced fashion collection, she stated:

“I’ve always wanted to build a universe for Junie where there are no boundaries, fear isn’t real, and you can do anything you want.” This is one of several stages in an attempt to modify the narrative that women are taught as they grow up about what they can and cannot achieve. I want to rewrite that narrative, and I intend to do so – anything is possible.”

Teyana Taylor

The model and dancer explained that her JuJuBeez fashion collection offers matching adult and children’s clothes in athletic and performance wear designs, as well as a few loungewear items. She also revealed that she collaborated with fashion company incubator Thmbl to launch her line. Teayana Taylor explained her inspiration for the many designs and how her daughter Junie was engaged in the process.

“I like mixing masculine and feminine trends in my personal clothing and wanted to reflect it in my mama-and-mini collection.” Junie and I were looking for uncomplicated style – simple things that we could wear every day. We use a lot of neutrals that complement my aesthetic, as well as bold graphic prints.”

JuJuBeez sells daily items such as sweatshirts, coats, shorts, leggings, caps, and more. The whole collection comes in neutral tones and graphic designs.

“Our initial collection includes active and loungewear designs that will have you acing the day’s drop-off look and your little creating hallway trends.”

Teyana Taylor

Cool colors like brown, beige, gray, and sky blue are used in the palette. Colorful graphic designs and ombre hues are also included in the collection. The total number of pieces is 41, with costs ranging from $20 to $129.

There are many styles available in both adult and child sizes. The line includes anoraks, marshal jackets, varsity jackets, zip-up shirts, bucket hats, biker shorts, leggings, cropped tops, hoodies, and more, all of which have the JuJuBeez logo, an ombre hue, or a stripe pattern. Teyana Taylor’s JuJuBeez line will continue to grow. Beginning Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the released items will be available for purchase on Thmbl’s official e-commerce site.

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