Tina Teigen & Corey Speaks- Married Life, Children, Divorced

Tina Teigen

Tina Teigen is Chrissy Teigen’s older half-sister. Chrissy Teigen, born Christine Diane Teigen, is an American model, novelist, television personality, and businesswoman.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tina Teigen
First Name Tina
Last Name Teigen
Profession Celebrity Sibling
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
No Of Children 1
Sibilings Chrissy Teigen

She married a motivational speaker.

Tina is the famous artist’s half-sister. Tina wishes to live a life apart from the media since her sister is always in the spotlight. However, it was discovered that she married Corey Speaks, a motivational speaker by profession. They are the proud parents of a newborn daughter called Pasha. Pasha’s mother does not like to update and flourish her life on social media sites, but her daughter Pasha is highly active on Instagram. She may be found there under the username pasha speaks.

Tina Teigen
Tina Teigen (Source: Google)

Is the pair Tina and Corey divorced?

Yes, the couple has divorced and is no longer together. However, the question remains: how did they raise this gorgeous daughter? Despite their divorce, the former couple has made time for her. They are just a mile apart and share the same civilization, with only a roadway separating them. It shows that they both admire and cherish their child, who they desire to provide wonderful parenting. A bonus factor is that they travel on vacation together and have meals at the same table approximately four evenings a week.

Who is the husband of her younger half-sister Chrissy?

Chrissy is the star, therefore, she doesn’t need an introduction. What is the most recent update on her personal life, apart from her work life? She is, in fact, a married lady. Her spouse is John Legend, a professional musician and vocalist. Let us return to the moment when she met her husband. The woman appeared in the video for John’s song “Stereo.” They were soon in a relationship. Both of them got engaged in 2011, and she married John in 2013 in Lake Como, Italy, where they had their particular wedding.

Chrissy’s third kid died. How?

Chrissy and John were a happily married couple who were having difficulties with their pregnancy owing to reproductive concerns. It was not an easy task for them. Chrissy gave birth to her first child, Luna Simone Stephens, in 2016 after years of waiting. After a year had passed, the couple revealed their second pregnancy. The woman was so overjoyed that she posted a picture of her baby bulge on Snapchat. Finally, in 2018, they welcomed their son Miles Theodore Stephens.

Tina Teigen
Tina Teigen (Source: Google)

They were expecting Jack, their third child, after a two-year hiatus in 2020. Chrissy and John were thrilled, and her baby bulge thrived in Legend’s song video “Wild.” Unfortunately, they lost him before they could announce the birth. The reason for this was due to pregnancy difficulties. It was a horrible occurrence, and I hope they recover quickly.

When it comes to Chrissy’s wedding gowns

When we speak about weddings, we are always interested in the bride’s gown. But, in Chrissy’s instance, let’s add outfits. She had selected three clothes for her important occasion. She chose an ivory strapless open-back tulle skirted ball gown for the look. You can’t deny that the woman looked like a princess in that dress. At the reception, she went for a more formal look, wearing a mermaid gown with a micro-pleated bodice and long organza skirt. Lastly, it has the same mermaid design as before, but the dress is red. Chrissy will be remembered for her beautiful clothing.

Net worth

Tina, unlike her half-sister, does not work in the media. Her involvement in the financial situation was likewise never revealed. Instead, we shift our attention to her younger sister Chrissy. Tina Teigen’s net worth is $75 million as of November 2022.