Tinglan Hong: Ex-Girlfriend Of English Actor & Film Producer Hugh Grant

Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Grant, an English actor and film producer.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tinglan Hong
First Name Tinglan
Last Name Hong
Profession former restaurant hostess
Nationality Chinese-British
Birth City Lishui, Zhejiang
Birth Country China
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
No Of Children 2
Date of Birth 1979
Height 5 feet 5 inch
Net worth $150 million


She rose to prominence after having an affair with Hugh Grant. She met her then-boyfriend at a London restaurant. In the restaurant, she worked as a receptionist. After some time, they fell in love and started dating in 2011. The pair attempted but failed to conceal their connection. They were initially spotted together in front of a restaurant in London, kissing. Hugh’s playboy persona was unknown to her before she started a romantic connection with him. Their romance terminated sans marriage. They are the parents of two children.

Hugh Grant, her ex-boyfriend

Hugh Grant’s full name is Hugh John Mungo Grant, and he rose to fame after playing Charles in the British romantic comedy film “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” On September 9, 1960, in Hammersmith, London, England, he was born to Fynvola Susan MacLean and James Murray Grant. He started his acting career in 1982. Privileged is his first feature film.

Her First Child

With her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant, she got pregnant for the first time. The couple had gone on a long vacation after falling in love with each other. She got pregnant as a result of this. The couple’s first child was a daughter, whom they named Tabitha Xaio Xi Hong Grant. She was born at London’s Portland Hospital in September 2011. They ended their relationship soon after.

Her Second Child

After the couple reconnected for a while, she got pregnant for the second time. With her first son, she became a mother for the second time. In December 2012, he was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London. Felix Chang Hong Grant was the name given to him by his parents. Hugh Grant became the father of a child from his Swedish girlfriend just three months before Felix’s birth. That event sparked media interest and raised many concerns about Hugh.

Tinglan Hong
Tinglan Hong (Source: Google)

Wedding of Her Ex-Boyfriend

Hugh had been in a number of romantic relationships before his marriage. Finally, he married his longtime girlfriend Anna Elisabet Eberstein at the Chelsea registration office on May 25, 2018. His wife is a television producer and entrepreneur from Sweden. They are the parents of three children. Prior to that, he was in a 13-year relationship with actress Elizabeth Hurley.

A moment with a Celebrity’s Ex-Boyfriend

Despite the fact that she is Hugh Grant’s mother, their relationship did not endure long. However, in that short period of time, they were often spotted in a variety of settings, including restaurants, shopping malls, and many others. Both the pair were wearing black jackets when they were seen on the street, and Hong was also wearing a scarf. Hong is beaming. The pair used to be picture-perfect.

In an interview with a former business partner

The presenter discussed Hugh Grant’s blockbuster and wonderful film “Nine Month,” as well as the unpleasant experience he had when he was jailed for picking up an unknown prostitute from Los Angeles. People admired him for accepting his error without making any excuses for how he handled the issue. Fortunately, his career was unaffected and he continued to be cast in parts. During that difficult period, actress Elizabeth stood by him, and they were a wonderful pair. However, their connection has now evolved into best friends, and the presenter inquired more about their current situation.

The actor claimed that they are identical brothers who have been amusing one other with funny texts up till now. He went on to say that the hardship they went through and the awful circumstances they were in together on their trip from zero to one strengthened their connection. He thought of her as a nice egg and wished her happiness.

Hugh on Being a Father

Hugh Grant was congratulated by Ellen on becoming a new father. The baby’s name is ‘Xiao Xi,’ which means ‘Chinese girl,’ since her mother is Chinese. The name translates to “joyful surprise.” He told his story of how a baby transformed his life and even advised Ellen to have one. Ellen expressed her views on having children, stating that for some individuals, it is just preferred not to have children.

Tinglan Hong
Tinglan Hong (Source: Google)

Ellen went on to say that she values her time and the ability to have a discussion without being interrupted, despite the fact that they have a niece, and she knows the pleasure and cuteness aspect that people speak about. Hugh went on to say that Portia is a bit high maintenance, which Ellen graciously accepted. When Ellen discussed the film, she was taken aback by his character’s voice, stating she couldn’t believe it was him.

Hugh played a distinct voice, which he said inspired him after watching the character. When discussing his part, he said that the term “Beard” was very essential to him since it allowed him to be in character. He stated that Ting Ting, Tinglan Hong’s other name, is the mother of his kid. He said that she is a great mother, and he had to say it since the whole Chinese press has concluded that she has abandoned a kid, so she texted him to say that she is a beautiful mother on a National American television program.

Height & Weight

In terms of body measurements, she is a pretty girl with an amazing and cool personality. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 52 kilograms. She has a nice body figure and is in good health. Her hair is black, and she has black eyes.

Net worth

In London, she worked as a receptionist in a Chinese restaurant. Her ex-boyfriend, who is also the father of her children, has a sizable net worth. Tinglan Hong has a net worth of $150 million as of 2021. He has amassed that amount of money over the course of his lengthy acting career. So far, he has featured in a number of films and television shows. He has won the coveted Golden Globe Award as well as the British Academy Film Award.

The following are some of his television shows, along with their IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes scores. He portrayed James Grant in the drama series ‘Our Sons.’ That series received 7.3 IMDb ratings and 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. He portrayed Richard Neville in the play ‘The Trials of Oz.’ It has an IMDb rating of 8.1. In the comedy-drama series ‘A Very English Scandal,’ he portrayed Jeremy Thorpe. It has 7.7 IMDb ratings and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 97 percent.