Tony Reali And His Wife Went Through A Terrible Loss In 2018

Tony Reali

Anthony Joseph Paul Reali, also known as Tony Reali, is a lawfully married man who lives happily with his wife, Samiya Edwards, in New York. As a prominent person, just a few pieces of information about the ESPN anchor and his private life are available, but it seems that his wife likes to live a quiet existence. Perhaps this is why there is little to no information about her. Nonetheless, with Reali being a well-known television personality and all, certain details about her do emerge from time to time.

Tony Reali & Edwards Married Over a Decade Ago

The anchor of ESPN’s Around the Horn is happily married. According to his ESPN profile, he and his wife Edwards have been married for nearly 12 years, having exchanged wedding vows on July 3, 2008. Following their marriage, the pair moved into the host’s Washington, D.C. home. Reali and his wife relocated to New York in 2014 to continue hosting his program.

Tony Reali
Tony Reali

They welcomed a baby daughter called Francesca Zahra Reali into their home on August 18, 2014. On the same day, the sports expert shared a photo of his newborn daughter with the world through his Instagram account. He also expressed gratitude to everyone for their good wishes and warm remarks.

Tony Reali and his wife suffered a devastating loss in 2018.

The Reali couple, who were expecting twin kids in June 2018, was maybe the happiest married couple. Unfortunately, their joy was short-lived when one of their boys, Amadeo, died during delivery. On June 17, 2018, the Fordham University graduate wrote an emotional message on Twitter, detailing the happiness and pain he and his wife were experiencing at the moment.

He added in the tweet that he and his girlfriend were expecting twins but regrettably lost their son, Amadeo. Later, the family arranged a memorial service for him and mourned his death. He also added that their second son, Enzo, was born a few weeks early in an emergency and was able to return home the same week.


The Realis was Dealt with an impossible situation.

The ESPN anchor then reflected on the irreconcilable duality he was confronted with: a load of grief and the breath of delight. Understandably, he found the duality difficult to understand. Nonetheless, he recognized that he and his wife had to deal with a dichotomy. They were concentrating their efforts on two things throughout the procedure. First and foremost, they wanted to express their emotions. Second, they needed to open up to their loved ones so that they could assist them in processing their feelings when their shoulders could no longer take them.

tony reali
tony reali

With the passage of time, the sportscaster and his wife were able to put that horrible tragedy behind them. In recent years, the Realis seem to have changed their attention to cherishing the family they had. Their closeness can also be apparent on the host’s Instagram account, where he often posts photos of his two gorgeous children.