Top Chef’s Leah Cohen And Her Husband Ben Byruch Welcomed Their Second Child

Leah Cohen

According to a new PEOPLE exclusive, top Chef star Leah Cohen and her husband Ben Byruch welcomed their second kid on Wednesday, March 2. Baker Scott was the name given to the youngster by the restaurant proprietors. The name is a nod to Cohen’s father, Bill, who died due to COVID. Meanwhile, the ‘Scott’ in his name is a tribute to Byruch’s father, Steve, who had the middle name Scott. Cohen went to Instagram to share an exclusive photo of herself and her kid obtained by PEOPLE. She addressed the infant in the post, writing:

“You complement our house.”

All about Leah Cohen’s spouse Ben Byruch

Ben Byruch is known for his marriage to Top Chef alumna Leah Cohen. According to reports, the pair married in July 2016. Byruch and Cohen now have two kids. They also co-own two New York City restaurants, Pig & Khao, a Filipino-Thai restaurant, and Piggyback Bar. According to several reports, Byruch is roughly 40 years old and has decades of restaurant expertise. According to his profile on Pig & Khao’s website, he attended Penn State after graduating high school. In addition, he holds a degree in Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts.

Leah Cohen

Byruch allegedly worked in Philadelphia after graduating college, where he formed his own business. This was followed by a transfer to New York, where he and his wife opened the two aforementioned eateries. Following his relocation to New York City, Byruch began working for a boutique investment bank. This is where he learned how to run a company and obtain funding for new enterprises. He also learned how to negotiate with possible company investors. According to his profile on the restaurant’s website, he worked as a sous chef at Pig & Khao. Later, he took on more duties and tasks, including Manager of Operations. According to the bio:

“In his present role, Ben is in charge of all aspects of Pig and Khao’s day-to-day business activity and operation.”

Leah Cohen

Leah Cohen’s husband’s childhood and life before he became a restauranteur is little known. Byruch’s father and grandparents owned a wholesale meat firm, where he formerly worked as a sales manager, according to several reports.