Tracie Thoms Was Rumored To Be Dating Rosario Dawson

Tracie Thoms

Tracie Thoms rose to prominence in Hollywood after starring in the 2005 film Rent. She portrayed Joanne Jefferson with Rosario Dawson’s Mimi Marquez. They became excellent friends while working together and have maintained their bond even after all these years. They are quite tight, which has fueled suspicions about her dating life. There have been numerous rumors that they dated and that Thoms is a lesbian or bisexual actress. But is any of it correct?

Was Tracie Thoms ever have a relationship with Rosario Dawson?

At first, the speculations regarding Thoms and Dawson’s possible connection were mild. However, when an ostensibly personal photograph of the two surfaced in 2007, all hell broke out. Everyone began to believe they were a legitimate couple. On May 22, 2007, Rosario and Thoms attended the 60th Cannes Film Festival. When they saw one other at the event, they welcomed and kissed. The kiss was intended to be on the cheeks. However, a poor camera perspective resulted in an image that seems to show them about to kiss on the lips.

In an October 2011 conversation with Chattify, Thoms said, “Rosario was kissing me on the cheek, and I was making a kissy face, so the photographer was in the ideal position. However, the angle from which the photographer took it seems to show us kissing on the lips.”

Rosario Dawson


She was also concerned about how she was perceived in the media once the photo went viral. “They don’t say whether I’m gay or not. They are unconcerned about my sexual orientation “She said. She then emphasized that she was straight and chastised the media for creating a big deal out of a misinterpreted image without ever knowing the truth.

Thoms essentially denied ever dating Dawson with this statement. However, unlike the photo, the interview never went viral, and many people still believe she had a love relationship with Dawson. Her gay suspicions linger due to her performances in films and television. She is known to often portray lesbian roles, which may contribute to the misunderstanding over her sexuality. Thoms, on the other hand, enjoys portraying such characters. Instead, she’s pleased with herself.

Is Tracie Thoms married?

Thoms is not married, according to what can be found on the internet. Unless she is concealing something really important, no one knows she has a spouse. She has had a few boyfriends throughout the years, though. But nothing mainstream. The only boyfriends she has mentioned are those she had before.

During the same Chattify interview, she recounted her worst date with a possible lover. It was their second date, and it was a disaster due to the guy’s attitude. She remembered having to pay for the meal (as well as his taxi trip home) since he had paid for the first date and felt he had “done his part.” Thoms believed in equality, but he went too far. Tami Roman revealed another partner in a discussion in May 2021. This was back when she was still a student at Howard University seeking a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

Tracie Thoms

Her partner was a business student, and he had several firms hounding him to work for them. He received a large number of theatrical tickets, notably those for Rent, which was a great hit in 1997 and 1998. So they went to see Rent together, and she grew emotionally connected to the play. That was the beginning of her relationship with Rent, which eventually led to her being cast in the film.