Travis Armbruster- All About The Husband Of Kaillie Humphries

Travis Armbruster

Kaillie Humphries, who previously won two Olympic gold medals for Canada, won her third medal for Team USA in the women’s mono bob event at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Two months after becoming a naturalized US citizen, the bobsledder switched from Team Canada to Team USA. Because of her marriage to former bobsledder Travis Armbruster, the 36-year-old Canadian-born woman was residing in the United States. Despite residing in the United States since 2016, Humphries remained to compete for Canada until 2019. She departed the Canadian bobsleigh squad in 2019 after bringing charges of harassment against the team.

What is the name of Kaillie Humphries’ husband?

Kaillie Humphries married Travis Armbruster, a former bobsledder, in September 2019 after dating for many years. Humphries’ marriage to Armbruster paved the way for her to petition for US citizenship, allowing her to participate in Team USA. Humphries hailed Travis in an Instagram post announcing her citizenship. She said, “My hubby is a rock for me. He’s a guy who believes in me and supports me, going above and beyond to ensure my well-being. He challenges me to reach new heights, and I adore him with all my heart. He’s everything to me!”

Travis Armbruster

The bobsleighing career of Travis Armbruster

Travis Armbruster is a former professional bobsledder and personal trainer. Armbruster participated in a variety of sports while studying Fitness and Kinesiology at Pittsburgh State University. In addition to being a member of the Track and Field team, the 37-year-old played football for the Pittsburgh State Gorillas. Armbruster started working as a personal trainer after graduating, and it was during this period that he was selected to the USA bobsled team in 2009. Armbruster competed for the United States in 2009 and 2010, even taking part in Olympic training in 2010. One of his most notable accomplishments in this sport was winning two medals in the North American Cup in 2010. On social media, the happily married pair often compliments one other. Humphries posted a lovely beach photo with her husband last month, captioning it, “Life with you is what dreams are made of.”

Travis Armbruster

Travis Armbruster already revealed in an Instagram remark that he would not be in China with Humphries for the Winter Olympics, but that didn’t stop Travis from providing updates on his wife. Armbruster remarked in a recent Instagram post hailing Humphries’ victory, “@kailliehumphries is in boss mode. I adore you.”