Trevor Jackson Said His Perspective On Dating Changed While Interviewing With XoNecole

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson is not currently dating anybody. He hasn’t stated if he has a girlfriend or a wife on social media or in interviews. The Grown-ish has previously been associated with a number of celebrities. Jackson, on the other hand, has never mentioned being in a relationship with anybody. He is very discreet about his romantic life. However, in January 2021, he discussed how he had changed from his younger self, as well as his views on dating and girlfriends.

Trevor Jackson’s Dating Opinion

In a January 2021 interview with xoNecole, Jackson discussed how his dating approach has evolved. Previously, he felt that love was inextricably linked to physical attractiveness. “I used to assume that if I’m going to get physical with this person, it implies they’re going to be my wife,” he said. Instead, he thought “getting tactile with someone showed you liked them.”

Trevor Jackson

He had had this viewpoint for a long time, but it has just shifted. He confessed that he had matured and that his perspective had shifted over time. To fall in love with someone, he needs more than simply physical appeal. He also needs communication and understanding abilities. “It’s all about who the individual is and what your understanding is,” he said. Extending on his statement, he said that communication was crucial and that “people will simply not say anything because they want to make sure the other person is okay.”

Jackson said that he prefers the conventional manner of dating. He preferred seeing people in person rather than depending on texting to interact with them. This is because he needs to determine whether or not the individual is a good responder. “We’ve all tried to find out what’s the ideal answer and attempt to put something on ourselves to be somebody,” he said.

Jackson said that if a person does not fall in love with their “truest aspects,” they are not meant to be. There is no specific method since everyone is unique and has “too much complexity” to make us unique. As a result, for him, “the appropriate chemical balance might be the first time we communicate, and we’ll be wonderful.”

Trevor Jackson’s Ideal Girlfriend

Before dating a lady, Jackson looks for a few characteristics. In the same interview, the Let It Shine star discussed what he looks for in a relationship. The first one was not to be a forgery. He acknowledged having chats with ladies in which “they’re being who they’ve seen in a movie or how you believe the role should be.” The second goal was to tear down their defenses and façade. Jackson said that he dislikes individuals who put up barriers because it does not portray the true person.

Trevor Jackson

Similarly, the third criteria was to be a nice person. He mentioned that he was curious about how his prospective partner would handle children and strangers. The fourth trait was to not be constantly on the phone, and the fifth was to appeal to his “funny and adventurous side.” Finally, he wants that his prospective partner “know that his presence is a gift.” If a lady had these attributes, Jackson said he would consider dating her.