Who Is Ashima Chauhan From “Indian Matchmaking”?

Ashima Chauhan

Pradhyuman Maloo has finally found love after rejecting over 150 ladies and failing to locate a partner via Indian Matchmaking. Pradhyuman is married to model and actress Ashima Chauhaan. She previously appeared on MTV Love School in 2015 with her then-partner Ali Raza Sheikh. The show’s goal was to help couples resolve relationship issues with the help of Love Mentors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar. At the time, Ashima, who was just 23 years old, had Ali’s name tattooed on her wrist. Fans found Ali had cheated on Ashima with three other ladies on a separate MTV program, Ace of Space. After barely a few months of courtship, the now 30-year-old married Pradhyuman on July 12, 2020.

Journey of Pradhyuman on Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Sima Taparia had previously paired Pradhyuman with model Rushali Rai. Despite the fact that their date went well, the pair chose not to further with it and parted ways. Pradhyuman said in Indian Matchmaking Season 2 that he met Ashima at a party where they had a lively conversation over who had the superior fashion sense. He also said that he loved Ashima’s liveliness and that she gave him a good mood. Meanwhile, Ashima said that being around him made her feel like she was 16 again. Sima Taparia described them as a “promising pair.” Ashima sang a song for Pradhyuman’s buddies in front of the camera.

The series description for them to read,

“Pradhyuman met around 150 possible partners on his own before finding the one. Ashima, his new girlfriend, is getting a glimpse inside his life and getting to know his friends and family.”

Ashima Chauhan

Pradhyuman proposed to Ashima at a secluded seaside villa barely months after they began dating. Fans were also treated to footage of them prepping for a ‘big Indian wedding’ in Udaipur. Wedding traditions were strictly adhered to. In ancient India, robbers would steal from wedding guests, therefore Pradhyuman took a sword with him to battle thieves on the journey. This was presented in the sixth episode of the new season.

His baraat, or groom’s wedding procession, was depicted to be quite spectacular, with Pradhyuman riding an elephant. Sima Taparia, on the other hand, was ecstatic during the wedding and said that meeting a wonderful lady like Ashima was fate. Later, the pair was shown adapting to married life and creating room in the closet for one other.

What else happened to the returning Indian Matchmaking Season 2 clients?

Aside from Pradhyuman, viewers saw Nadia and Aparna attempting to meet their future mate. Nadia opted to pursue a serious connection with Vishal, another of Sima Tapria’s customers, while friendzoning Shekhar, a gentleman Taparia had matched her up with. Vishal, on the other hand, abandoned Nadia, leaving her distraught.

Ashima Chauhan

Simultaneously, Aparna friendzoned Jay, with whom she’d gone on a date during the first season of Indian Matchmaking. She decided to see an astrologer in order to better understand her love life. Aparna opted to date Daman for a short period of time. Their voyage, however, ended on a cliffhanger when Aparna said that she didn’t need to make choices so quickly.