Who Is Bryce Perez? Things You Must Know About Pitbull Son

Bryce Perez

Bryce Perez is the son of Pitbull, a well-known American rapper, musician, songwriter, brand ambassador, and philanthropist. Armando Christian Perez is his actual name. He’s also renowned as Mr. World Wide. Perez is a senior in high school and a football player.

Quick Facts

Full NameBryce Perez
First NameBryce
Last NamePerez
Date of BirthMarch 5, 2003
Age20 years
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NamePitbull
Father ProfessionAmerican rapper, singer, songwriter, brand ambassador, and philanthropist
Mother NameBarbara Alba
Gender IdentityMale
SiblingsDestiny Perez
Net worth$100 million

Is Pitbull withholding information about his other children and mistresses?

When it comes to becoming a famous celebrity, people tend to ask many personal questions. The American rapper is presently unmarried and “ready to mingle,” according to his comments. He has kept his life secret, and there are no official records of his marriage. For many years, he reportedly had a significant connection with Barbara Alba.

The couple has two children, Destiny Perez (born in 2002) and Bryce Perez (born in 2004). Unfortunately, the couple divorced after a decade of marriage. Bryce and Destiny’s pictures are tattooed on their father’s arms.


Bryce Perez
Bryce Perez (Source: Google)

It has been discovered that he has more than two children from other women, according to reports. He allegedly has six children, but their names and the identities of their mothers have not yet been disclosed to protect their privacy and safety. According to reports, the artist prefers an open relationship in which the ladies may act more like friends. He also claims that he is not afraid to do anything romantic. He dislikes commitment and is more of an open guy.

Lindsay Lohan brings Pitbull to COURT.

Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan were embroiled in a major spat. Pitbull enraged Lohan by trolling and dissing her. When the actress filed a complaint against Mr. Worldwide, the situation escalated. The song’s lyrics were about Lindsay Lohan, and I read a phrase that said, “I have it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” She took legal action because she was enraged. She felt insulted, and the comments were insulting to her.

Disowned by mother, strained connection with father, and foster parent

Mother disowns you, you have a strained connection with your father, and you have foster parents. When Pitbull was in high school, he was thrown out of his home. His mother was the one who did it. The primary reason for this was that he used to distribute narcotics to students at his school. His connection with his father was also tense. His father was engaged in criminal operations as well. He left home and spent some time with his foster parents. Their identities have not yet been revealed.

Artist with the most nominations

With 11 nominations in various categories, The American Rapper was the most nominated artist at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. It was without a doubt the greatest moment of his life.

Bryce Perez
Bryce Perez (Source: Google)

Driving while drunk and striking a guy

On YouTube, there is a video of the celebrity hitting a guy after he tossed a stack of cash in his face. He’s always been involved in controversies like these. Another incident occurred when he was caught driving while intoxicated. A $1000 fine was imposed on him.

 Received the “Key to the City.”

The American rapper was awarded the “Key to the City” by Miami for his contributions to the city’s reputation. It is a municipal award bestowed to a citizen or visitor.

Bryce Perez’s Net worth 2023

Bryce Perez is still in high school and has no net worth. On the other hand, his father is said to be worth $100 million as of September 2023. The following are his earnings and sources:


  • On January 15th, 1981, his father was born. He is now 42 years old.
  • His father stands approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 meters)
  • His father is of Hispanic descent and an agnostic.