Who Is Jack Fielder-Civil? Know About The Son Of Blake Fielder-Civil

Jack Fielder Civil

Jack Fielder-Civil is the son of Blake Fielder-Civil. Blake is popularly known as the ex-husband of Amy Winehouse.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jack Fielder-Civil
First Name Jack
Middle Name Fielder
Last Name Civil
Date of Birth 2011
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality British
Father Name Blake Fielder-Civil
Father Profession British actor
Mother Name Sarah Aspin
Gender Identity Male
Sibilings Lola Jade Fielder-Civil

His Parents’ Family

Blake Fielder-Civil and Sarah Aspin have a kid named Jack. Blake and Sarah initially met at the recovery center, where both were hospitalized to wean themselves off heroin. Lola Jade Fielder-Civil is his younger sister. Blake retained his daughter’s middle name, Jade, as a homage to his ex-wife, Amy Winehouse. He is Georgette Civil’s and Lance Fielder’s grandchild.

His Father’s Previous Relationship

Blake, Jake’s father, was previously married to singer Amy Winehouse. Blake and Amy met in the Camden bar ‘The Good Mixer.’ Blake was a part-time gofer on music video sets at a local pub back then, and Amy was just starting in her music career. The couple dated for nearly four years before married on May 18, 2007, in Miami.

Jack Fielder Civil
Jack Fielder-Civil (Source: google)

They had a difficult relationship that terminated after two years of disputes, abuse, and adultery. Under their parents’ insistence, the couple split on July 16, 2009. Even after their divorce, the couple remained in contact, and Amy visited Blake in jail regularly. She even used to send him many letters and text him a lot. Amy reportedly attempted to meet Blake a few days before her death but could not do so. Amy died in 2011 at the age of 27 as a result of alcohol poisoning.

At Present

Jake now lives on an estate in Leeds with his parents and sister. It is one of the most dangerous places. Blake, Jack’s father, was arrested on suspicion of arson in November 2019 after setting fire to his 7th-floor apartment. According to reports, he departed smiling and telling his neighbors that he had set fire to the curtains. He then left to smoke more drugs.

Jack Fielder Civil
Jack Fielder-Civil (Source: Google)

Net worth

Jack Fielder-Civil’s net worth is about $2 million as of November 2022. His parents’ net worth has not been assessed since their family’s source of income has not been revealed. Amy Winehouse, Blake’s ex-wife, had a net worth of $10 million. Blake, his father, is an actor. In 2015, he appeared in the film “Amy.” When Amy and he split, he got $450,000 in pay-offs. He earned money by selling Amy’s, as well as his, photos and data to the media. Amy was a well-known and skilled vocalist during her day. She was a music arranger, composer, and performer. She made her wealth through record sales, live performances, and concerts.