Who Is Jon Wayne Hatfield From “American Idol” Season 21?

Jon Wayne Hatfield

This week, American Idol returns with a fresh show. The show will feature a slew of new performers hoping to win the golden pass and advance to the next round of the competition. Jon Wayne Hatfield, who will be joined by his grandpa in the section, is one of the performers scheduled to feature in the forthcoming show. Inform Me, Ray, a unique song he composed for his grandpa, will be performed.

Jon states in the video caption on American Idol’s YouTube website that the music has helped Ray trust in himself and “eliminate lifetime fears.” Ray, who refers to his grandchild as his anchor, expresses relief at being able to stand on stage and boldly declare that he is homosexual and that “there’s nothing wrong with it.” The new show will air on ABC on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

Jon Wayne Hatfield’s American Idol season 21 performance makes his grandpa weep.

When Jon auditions for American Idol season 21, he informs the judges that he is about to perform a unique song he composed for his grandpa. He stated in his introduction film that he grew up with his grandma and grandpa. He went on to say that life was wonderful and that he was grateful that they had taken him in and reared him. When Katy Perry inquired about his upbringing, the American Idol competitor stated that his grandparents reared him since he was five years old while his mother battled an addiction.

Jon said in the video:

“My mother was my grandma. My grandpa was always my closest buddy.”

Jon Wayne Hatfield

When the performer informed the judges that he was performing a tune he composed for his grandpa, they urged on his entrance. When Ray walked into the room, Katy Perry informed him that Jon was about to perform a tune about him. Even before the American Idol contestant began singing, Jon’s grandpa began to cry and said, “It’s a difficult one.” Jon stated that his grandma died three years ago and that witnessing his grandpa alone was the most difficult thing for him.

He stated that his grandpa had lost his closest buddy and that he wouldn’t speak to anyone, including him, for almost a year and a half, which made the performer angry because he wouldn’t assist him. Ray stated in the film that he met his wife when he was 15 years old and told her about himself, and she still adored him. His grandpa went on to say that Jon was the last person he told about his s*xuality because he was worried his grandchild would stop adoring him.

Jon Wayne Hatfield

In the video, the future American Idol season 21 performer revealed that Ray informed him he was homosexual a year and a half ago. The candidate informed his grandpa that he didn’t believe the news would “alter anything d*mn thing” between them. Jon went on to say that after his grandpa came out to him, Ray prompted him to write Inform Me, Ray. The music encouraged Ray to have more faith in himself and to be more receptive to others. During the singer’s American Idol tryout, his grandpa wept. When Jon finished, the judges gave him a standing applause, and Lionel Richie approached Ray to give him his handkerchief.