Who Is Joose Jeskanen From An American Series 7 Little Johnstons?

Joose Jeskanen

Joose Jeskanen, who was sighted on the Instagram of the main cast members of the 7 Little Johnstons family, was thought to be the clan’s sixth kid. Season 11 of TLC’s forthcoming program has been announced. Is it, however, returning with a recurrent cast member? The episode, which premiered on March 15, was supposed to feature Jeskanen as the newly adopted kid. This piqued the interest of the audience. However, it soon becomes clear that Joose Jeskanen has a different reason for appearing on the next program. His Instagram story included a photo of him at the airport as he was leaving the United States.

Season 11 of ‘7 Little Johnstons’ introduces Joose Jeskanen.

Joose Jeskanen

Jeskanen said to be a new addition to the ensemble, is a Finnish exchange student. He is essentially a visitor on the program who is catered to for three months by the Johnstons family. The little individual is from North Karelia, Finland, and has always desired to take part in exchange programs. Furthermore, his siblings had participated in similar activities, which made him aspire for the same.

Although his mother, Elina Sarpola, wanted her youngest son to have the experience, she was also anxious about his safety. So, in order to ensure Joose had a safe exchange program experience, she began searching for families that seemed acceptable for her kid. She eventually met the Johnstons, who were also small people. Elina was aware of the family’s performance and was not preventing Joose from seeing them. The Johnstons and the TV producers were especially struck by his command of the English language.

Joose Jeskanen

Finally, both sides decided to have Joose stay with them for three months. A first peek at the next broadcast hints at the sweet friendship that developed between Jeskanen and the Johnstons. Viewers will be excited to observe the small boy’s adventures in the United States. Furthermore, he will learn about American culture from his family and educate them about his Finnish heritage. Season 11 will debut on March 15 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Since 2015, 7 Little Johnstons has been operating smoothly.