Who Is Julie Dimel? Meet Dana Dimel Wife: Family & Kid Details

Dana Dimel

Dana Dimel and his wife, Julie Dimel, are about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, a magnificent journey of love and camaraderie. The couple has been blessed with two great children—a boy and a daughter—during their long marriage. Following in his father’s footsteps, their kid shares a passion for football and went on to play college football.

Their daughter, on the other hand, has chosen her own path by pursuing a different sport as a career. Dana Dimel, a former American football player, went into coaching and was most recently the head football coach at the University of Texas at El Paso. From 2009 until 2017, he was the co-offensive coordinator and running backs coach at Kansas State University. He has coached at the University of Arizona, the University of Wyoming, and the University of Houston. He has a college football record of 47-79 throughout his coaching tenure.

Dana and Julie Dimel have been married for 24 years.

Dana Dimel and his wife, Julie Dimel, have been married for more than 24 years, having exchanged passionate vows on the unforgettable day of August 8, 1999. Julie, who is originally from New Hampton, Iowa, now lives in El Paso, Texas with Dana. Despite the length of their partnership, the facts of their relationship have mostly remained secret and hidden from the public view.

Dana Dimel

Dana, who has a low social media presence, seldom shares anything about his personal life, including details about his marriage to Julie. This secrecy has added to the mystery surrounding their connection, making fans and followers inquisitive about their ongoing friendship. Julie, on the other hand, is more active on social media, providing insights into her life. She, too, has opted to keep the specifics of her marriage with Dana confidential. Instead, her social media posts mostly include moments with their daughter, Josey, offering a glimpse into their family life.

Dana Dimel Kids & Career

Winston Dimel, a former American football fullback, began his college career at Kansas State and subsequently transferred to UTEP. His football career began at Manhattan High School, where he graduated before going on to make a name for himself at Kansas State. His first year at Kansas State was spent redshirting, setting the groundwork for a brilliant career. Following that, he came off the bench to start 13 games at fullback for the 2015 season. The athlete eventually moved to UTEP, where his father, Dana Dimel, was the head coach at the time.

Dana Dimel

Despite going undrafted in 2019, his potential was noted, and on May 3, 2019, he signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks. His adventure continues with a contract signing with the Los Angeles Wildcats on February 25, 2020. On March 10, 2022, Winston’s career took an exciting turn when he was picked by the Pittsburgh Maulers of the United States Football League (USFL). Winston’s sister, Josey, has taken a different athletic career as an Equestrian Sales Agent. She presently lives in Paso Robles, California, after graduating from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). She is romantically linked with a guy called D.J. Stoneburner, which adds a personal dimension to her story.