Who Is Kira Chan From “Dancing with Myself”?

Kira Chan

Kira Chan, a 13-year-old student, was declared the winner of Dancing with Myself tonight, and she received a cash reward of $25,000 after dazzling the crowd with her performance of the song Electricity. Kira’s moonwalk thrilled the judges, and she was not in danger of being eliminated from any task.

The winner of Dancing with Myself Kira Chan has received several dancing championships and Award

Kira is a skilled dancer who has competed in dance contests since she was seven years old. She is now training in many genres of dance at Elements Dance Space. She holds other accolades in the same sector, including Hollywood Vibe National Dancer of the Year and National Champion of the 2019 Countdown Competition. Many institutions and organizations have given her scholarships, including Radix, Nuvo, 24 Seven Dance, Jump, Kaos, and Monsters Dance Convention.

Kira Chan

Kira has also played at home games for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards with Pink. She has previously worked with Netflix, Nike, and NBS and is a strong admirer of Jazz Funk and Hip-Hop dancing. She enjoys fashion, design, baking, traveling, and eating excellent cuisine. Kira addressed tonight’s Dancing with Myself audience,

“I can accomplish anything, despite my diminutive size.”

The Monterey Park native intends to spend her prize money on shopping as any other teenager would, but she also intends to save the majority of the money to attend college and start her own company.

What occurred on Dancing with Myself tonight?

The following Dancing with Myself contestants performed tonight:

  • Jeremy-33-Construction Worker
  • Travasha-33 Flight Attendant
  • Rishi-Doctor-30 Year old
  • Katrina- 30-year-old Fitness Instructor
  • Model-39 Allison-Hair
  • Dylon  -30 NFL Cheerleader
  • Jaeden- 21-year-old -Digital Marketer
  • Kira-13 year Student
  • Morgan H.- 22-year-old Student
  • Tyler – Delivery Driver
  • Morgan G, a 29-year-old student
  • Chase-Student and Chess Master-9

Liza Koshy taught the competitors the dance sequence to the song Toxic tonight on Dancing with Myself Round One, All Eyes On You. Travasha, Katrina, Jeremy, and Allison were all in danger of being ousted in the first round. The designers chose to preserve Katrina and Jeremy at the expense of Allison and Travasha.

Kira Chan

The participants battled against each other in round two, the Freestyle Dance Battle, by dancing to the song Party Rock. The competitors were as follows:

  • Katrina and Chase
  • Morgan H and Tyler
  • Jeremy and Morgan G
  • Rishi and Kira,
  • Jaedyn and Dylon

Morgan G, Rishi, Jeremy, Katrina, and Jaedyn were the competitors in danger. The makers chose to preserve Morgan G, Rishi, and Jeremy at the expense of Katrina and Jaedyn. Nathan Chan demonstrated his ice chilly dance to the tune Light Switch during Round three. With four contestants: Chase, Tyler, Rishi, and Jeremy, the bottom row lost the round. Rishi and Jeremy were knocked out of the round.

In the collaborative dance round, Shakira and Nick Jonas taught the participants how to dance to the song Push It. The following teams were formed by the host:

  • Chase and Kira
  • Morgan H and Morgan G
  • Dylon and Tyler

Kira and Chase were rescued by the viewers, but Tyler and Dylon were saved by the producers. Morgan H and Morgan G were knocked out of the round. The final four danced to the 1980s song My Sharona in Round 5, The Shake-Up. The crowd rescued Kira and Tyler while sending Chase and Dylon home. Kira and Tyler performed their dance to the song Electricity in the final round. Tyler, a 22-year-old food delivery driver, was defeated by Kira. Dancing with Myself airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.