Who Is Nigel Jones From “Too Hot To Handle” Season 4?

Nigel Jones

Too Hot To Handle is ready to return for a second season, introducing audiences to a new crop of unknowing singles. These people had no clue they were in the Netflix series and believe they were in a bogus program called Wild Love. Nigel Jones from New Jersey is one of the competitors on the dating program. The 29-year-old model and entrepreneur is the light of the party and may be the one to keep everyone happy when Lana drops the bomb.

The official Netflix description of the program is as follows:

“Too Hot To Handle, the hot reality dating program, returns to Netflix for season 4 on December 7, 2022. A fresh batch of lust-driven songs is hunting for love, with the assistance of TV presenter Mario Lopez and fan favorite Lana.”

More on Nigel Jones ahead of his season 4 debut on Too Hot To Handle.

Nigel, the season’s eldest cast member, is a 29-year-old model and entrepreneur. Eurofit, his own fitness company, strives to assist individuals to become in shape. Nigel, who enjoys working out, works as a personal trainer for the company. This isn’t the first time the aspiring reality star has come into contact with celebrities. In 2021, he starred in Nia Sultana’s Christal music video, which has over 293,116 views on YouTube.

Nigel Jones

Nigel promoted his short cameo in the song video on Instagram, where he has over 17.8K followers. He often uses social media to advertise his fitness company and to publish photos of himself as a model. Nigel remarked in the Too Hot To Handle opening video that he thinks about s** every five seconds of the day, adding jokingly that it may be an illness. According to his Netflix profile for the show:

“Nigel, a smooth-talking New Jersey native, is set to win everyone over with his wit and one-liners. The model and businesswoman live by the phrase “keep the party rolling,” and she may be precisely what everyone needs after Lana sets the tone for retreat life.”

Brittan, Creed, Dominique, James, Jawahir, Kayla, Nick, Sebastian Seb Melrose, and Sophie will also appear in the following season.

More information about the most recent season of Too Hot To Handle

Lana, the virtual assistant, is returning for the fourth part of her quest. Each person in the program is picked because of their inability to build deep and lasting relationships. They all have a tendency to prioritize desire above love, but maybe that will change once they begin their adventure on the program. Surprisingly, the candidates are unaware that they are participating in Too Hot To Handle. Instead, they assume they are participating in Wild Love, which is hosted by Mario Lopez.

Nigel Jones

After spending 24 hours in the Caribbean resort, they will be presented with the iconic cupid robot. This cupid, on the other hand, will refuse any physical touch. At the start of the season, the prize is set at $200,000. However, if the cast does not follow Lana’s rules — no kissing, no physical contact, and no self-gratification — they may lose everything. Watch what happens when Too Hot To Handle premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, December 7.