Who Is Russell J. Holmes From “Renovation Impossible”?

Russell J. Holmes

Russell J. Holmes, the presenter of Renovation Unthinkable, is about to turn the impossible into the feasible. The presenter of his new HGTV program will take on unfinished projects that were put on hold owing to the owners’ aspirations and creative ambitions. The program will put Holmes in circumstances where he must work under a limited budget while producing “beautiful outcomes” every time. Fortunately, he is not traveling alone. Paige Poupart, a designer, will assist him with the design aspects of each property. In relation to Renovation Impossible, Holmes stated:

“It’s not always easy with tight finances and clientele who don’t always agree on remodeling choices.” Here’s where I come in.”

The program is planned to air on HGTV on Thursday, September 8, and the description reads:

RUSSELL J. HOLMES, STAR OF “GARAGE REHAB,” REIGNITES STALLED RENOS IN THE NEW HGTV SERIES “RENOVATION IMPOSSIBLE.” [August 11, 2022] New York In the new HGTV series Renovation Impossible, beginning Thursday, Sept. 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Dallas-based contractor Russell J. Holmes will assist customers on a limited budget to spark up their stalled home renovations.”

Meet the upcoming HGTV program Renovation Impossible’s host and contractor.

Russell J. Holmes, a car and building fanatic are ready to take on unfeasible, half-finished projects for his new program. Holmes will create a refurbishment plan after considering what the owners want and assisting them in achieving a magnificent result. The contractor will assist homeowners in falling in love with their houses while working within a limited budget. Holmes is well-known for Garage Rehab and has over 20 years of expertise working with properties. He was also Richard Rawlings’ fixer on the Gas Monkey Garage squad. The Renovation Impossible host, 49, is from New York and has three siblings. He was formerly married to Regina T. Holmes, with whom he had two daughters.

Russell J. Holmes

The contractor is active on social media, with 122K Instagram followers. He often writes about his job, TV programs, and family and friends. Many people were curious about Gas Monkey Garage and his friendship with Richard Rawlings when HGTV announced the new program. He cleared the air by posting a video on the site. Holmes said that he had received several queries, one of which was concerning his connection with Richard. The Renovation Impossible host referred to him as his mentor and said that he taught him the craft. Holmes said in the video:

“Nothing, Richard and I are fantastic.” He wants to create his own stuff and do it his way, and he has an outstanding YouTube channel if you haven’t seen it.”

Speaking on the next HGTV episode, Holmes said that being able to provide someone with the house of their dreams is very fantastic. In addition, he stated:

“We show them what they can truly accomplish with their money.” They may now go on and create new memories with their family.”

Russell J. Holmes

In a sneak look of episode one, Holmes met Jessica and Joseph, owners of a mid-century home in need of some TLC. There seems to be a lot of friction since the two have opposing views on the makeover. Pilgrim Media Group’s Renovation Impossible will air on HGTV on Thursday, September 8th.