Who Is Sabrina Strasser From “Dancing Queens” Season 1?

Sabrina Strasser

Season 1 of Dancing Queens will air on Bravo on Tuesday, May 9, and will star Sabrina Strasser and five female dancers. Sabrina’s plot will concentrate upon her return to dancing contests with her dance partner Stanislav “Stas” Kochergin, according to sneak peeks. While she is an excellent dancer, she began as a pastime and is now the CEO of SabiChic, a firm that provides things for “dancers and busy women alike.”

Sabrina, on the other hand, went through many professional periods before launching her own firm. Her company website states that she has worked in broadcast journalism, sales, real estate, and acting. Meanwhile, the entrepreneur is back in the spotlight with a new Bravo program called Dancing Queens.

Sabrina Strasser was a co-host of a talk program.

Sabrina Strasser of Dancing Queens has an IMDb profile where she mentions appearing in one episode of the 2013 TV series Bomb Girls. In addition to the acting role, she was invited to co-host an episode of Rogers TV’s Daytime Show (Mississauga). Meanwhile, she is preparing to participate in the Bravo program, in which she will be shown juggling her dancing love and her family life.

Sabrina is from Toronto, Canada, and her narrative is described in her Bravo profile. It says:

“As a stay-at-home mom, Sabrina is torn between her dancing and her family life.” Sabrina is in a rocky on-again, off-again relationship with her pro dancer, Stanislav Kochergin, but the two are back together and Sabrina is eager to win the competition. Her desire to win consumes her time and energy, often at the cost of her children and husband, who is concerned that Sabrina’s pastime would divert focus away from their family life.”

Sabrina Strasser

Sabrina began ballroom Latin dancing as a pastime but quickly began winning contests and receiving honors. When she and her dancing partner Stanislav “Stas” Kochergin competed in Group A (16-35 years old), they received several awards.

Sabrina will return to the Dancing Queens stage alongside Stas, but this time in Group B (36-50 years old). Stas pushed Sabrina to practice and not take a break in one of the previews, which irritated her and caused her to walk out of her rehearsal. The dancing partners in the program may be anticipated to have many ups and downs. The Bravo series teaser also revealed that Sabrina may be rather competitive, as she referred to her cast members as her “frenemy.” In her personal life, the businesswoman is married to Ronnie Strasser, owner of the Miami Padel Club, and the pair has two children, Abigail and Chloe.

Season 1 cast members of Dancing Queens

The Dancing Queens season 1 cast also includes Pooja Mehta, Colette Marotto, Donnie Burch, Galle Benchetrit, and Leonie Biggs, in addition to Sabrina Strasser.

According to the official summary of the reality TV show:

“Passion and glamour collide as a group of dancer friends juggle the realities of their personal lives with their dedication to dance.” “Ultimately, ‘all is fair in war and ballroom.'”

Sabrina Strasser

The reality show will follow six ladies as they prepare to join “the world of Pro-Am dance competitions.” It implies that amateur dancers will locate professional dancing partners and compete. How will they manage to operate their business, raise their family, and pursue their passion? Dancing Queens season 1 begins on Bravo on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9.00 p.m. ET.