Who Is Samie Elishi From “Love Island” 2023?

Samie Elishi

Love Island 2023 is often bringing in fresh bombshells to the villa. The islanders welcomed Samie Elishi, a 22-year-old London native, this time. Samie joined the villa in an olive green outfit in Love Island season 9 episode 14. When the boys were gathered in the bedroom, they got a text from the producers.

The text stated:

“Boys, take a drink and meet Samie on the sundeck #HappyHour #GetOnJob.”

The males were captivated by Samie’s attractiveness upon her arrival. The latest bombshell was also regarded as “unreal” by fans. The women were also spotted complimenting Samie on her charisma. According to Ellie Spence:

“Obviously Samie’s come in she’s so sweet, her banter is fantastic, and there really isn’t anything about Samie that’s, like, not top-tier. I’m confident she’ll get along with every single male here.”

In episode 14, the female islanders were spotted spying on Samie’s initial meeting with the lads.

Meet Samie Elishi, a London-based senior estate agent coordinator.

Samie Elishi, a senior estate agent coordinator from London, is 22 years old. In the most recent episode, she joined the Love Island villa in South Africa. The brunette beauty is an enthusiastic traveler, as seen by her Instagram postings from exotic locales such as Cyprus, Ibiza, Milan, Cannes, and Rome. Samie wanted to be a part of the dating series because she didn’t want to be left out when her pals took their separate boyfriends on excursions, according to her ITV profile.

Samie Elishi

She said in her bio:

“All my single friends are beginning to settle down, so whenever I offer a ladies’ vacation, everyone’s staying in with their partners. I’d want someone to do it for me as well!”

“Fun and fit,” the London native defined herself. She went on to say:

“I’m a really honest individual with no filters. I’m not going to take crap from anybody, particularly men!”

Samie seems to be bringing a lot of drama to the villa now that she has her sights set on Tom Clare. So far, the hunk has caused enough problems. He split up with Zara Denis, attempted to reconcile with Olivia Hawkins, and kissed Ellie Spence in the most recent episode. Only time will tell if Samie will continue to be involved in Tom’s drama or move on to another islander.

Samie’s beauty has wowed Love Island viewers.

The presence of Samie Elishi made the women feel uneasy since they thought the newcomer was gorgeous and educated. The lads were smitten with her. Ron Hall, who was recently trapped between Lana Jenkins and Ellie Spence, was recently caught on camera saying that Samie was his type. While the male islanders were delighted to meet the newcomer, Love Island viewers praised Samie’s attractiveness. Take a look at how fans reacted when they called her “gorgeous”.

Samie Elishi

Meanwhile, Ron Hall was spotted advising the lads to resist their desire for Samie. He stated:

“Yes, the temptation exists. But we all know what happened with Lana; do I want to get in trouble again? No, it is clearly about temptation.”

In the next episodes, the new bombshell will be given the opportunity to choose her companion, ending in the elimination of one of the islanders.