Who Is Selina Robbins? Everything You Need To Know About Her

Selina Robbins

Selina Robbins is a woman who serves as her husband’s backbone. She is well-known for being the wife of Australian comedian and actor Glenn Robbins.

There is much more to her than just being a celebrity wife, as she has been there for her husband throughout his difficult times and has supported him in difficult times. Glenn has reached the pinnacle of success thanks to the support of his wife, Selina.

When it comes to her professional career, she is a nurse, and despite her husband’s celebrity and wealth, she has not stepped down from her duties of serving others, which she deserves credit for. She is now residing in Melbourne.

Quick Facts

Full Name Selina Robbins
First Name Selina
Last Name Robbins
Profession Nurse
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Glenn Robbins

Life As A Couple

She is extremely fortunate to have Glenn as a husband. The couple is frequently seen outside. She does not have children, but she may be planning to have them soon.

On March 31, 2003, the couple made their first public appearance together. They were invited to the premiere of Russel Gilbert’s comedy play Defending The Caveman. It was at the Forum, and the couple looked stunning on that particular day.

They are both huge cricket fans who attended the birthday celebrations of legendary leg spinner Shane Warne. Shane is widely regarded as one of the greatest spinners in cricket history. Back in 2009, on September 11th, the couple attended the spinners’ birthday party at Cristal Cocktail and Champagne Bar.

Husband’s Valor

Her husband is a true hero in both his professional and personal lives. Glenn saved two children from drowning in 2011 at Brighton Beach. The children were all under the age of ten. When he decided not to take credit for his heroic actions, he gained more respect. There is no doubt about it: he is a superstar with a golden heart.

Selina Robbins
Selina Robbins

Selina Robbins Net Worth

Selina Robbins is a nurse, and nurses earn well in Australia. She earns around $65,000 per year, which adds to her husband’s massive fortune from his acting career. As of January 2023, Her husband has a massive net worth of $6 million, with his work on TV shows and movies providing the majority of his income.

Glenn appeared in Kath and Kim, which is a huge hit on television. IMDb gives the TV show 8.2 stars, and TV.com gives it a perfect 8.7 stars. On May 16, 2002, the show aired its first episode.

He was also a true magician in All Aussie Adventures. The TV show has 8.1 IMDb ratings and an impressive 7.3 TV.com ratings.