Who Is Shore Bethan Kershaw From “All Star”?

Shore Bethan Kershaw

Bethan Kershaw of Geordie Shore is slated to feature on All-Star Shore, which premieres on MTV and Paramount+ on June 29, 2022. Bethan Kershaw was previously linked to the 2020 Love Island USA season heartthrob Johnny Middlebrooks. The bisexual All Actor Shore star was allegedly photographed kissing Johnny Middlebrooks on a date earlier this year in Tulum Beach in Mexico. Bethan Kershaw was romantically associated with a few other prominent people before him, but their relationships were rocky.

All about All-Star Shore’s Bethan Kershaw

Bethan Kershaw previously appeared on Geordie Shore in 2011 and Eating With My Ex in 2017. While shooting Geordie Shore in 2019, the British reality TV contestant began dating fellow cast member Beau Brennan. They struck it off right away and even had some serious chats about their future outside of the show in the season 19 finale. After over a year of dating, the pair called it quits in 2020 and unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Following the break-up, the All-Star Shore star was photographed kissing make-up artist Demi Sims. Kershaw was allegedly seen kissing Sims on a night out with Chloe Ferry in 2021 to celebrate the launch of Kershaw’s new summer collection with BB The Label.

Kershaw revealed to The Sun that she had dated Sims in the “past,” but “on the low.”

” They “traveled to Dubai” during their low-key relationship, but Sims “ended up getting with Francesca [Farago].”

Shore Bethan Kershaw

She confirmed her connection with Sims by saying:

“We’re dating, and I’m seeing her.” I met Demi at the NTAs after I broke up with my ex. I was with my ex, and we were quite miserable.”

She went on:

“I’m not attracted to many ladies; I’m only drawn to a few, and when I met her, I was like, ‘Oh, what’s this feeling?'” I felt terrible because I had a boyfriend. “Eh, I don’t comprehend my sentiments,” I said. Then my ex and I broke up, and a few months later I messaged her.”

Their romance was likewise short-lived, and they parted ways. Sims, who acknowledged battling with her sexuality for ten years, denied ever being a pair with Kershaw.

She informed her Instagram followers:

“Don’t get me wrong, Bethan and I have chatted in the past, and when we’re together, we’re all over one other.” We just have a pretty flirtatious connection, and that’s what it was like the other night, just incredibly flirty and things. But it does not imply that we are in a relationship. But I adore her. I have a lot of time for Bethan.”

Kershaw and Middlebrooks’ relationship made headlines barely four months after her affair with Sims.

Is Bethan Kershaw from All-Star Shore currently single?

Despite her brief relationship with Middlebrooks earlier this year, Bethan said that she is content to remain single for the time being and is searching for someone “who is ambitious as well.” She also said that she would no longer “accept this subpar, bare minimum f***boy.”

Shore Bethan Kershaw

According to the All-Star Shore star:

“I believe I’m going to concentrate on that [single life] until someone comes along and completely sweeps us away, because I feel like I’m a wonderful person, and I’ve built myself up and worked on myself everyday to be a better person, so I need someone who’s on the same level.”

In the past, the All-Star Shore star was said to have dated Ibiza Weekender star Jordan Davies for a short time. Kershaw will appear in MTV’s new reality program All-Star Shore on Wednesday.