Who Is Tyler Walker From “Below Deck” Season 10?

Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker, a new deck stew, will be introduced in Season 10 of Below Deck. Camille Lamb, who was just sacked, will be replaced by him. Camille was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn in the previous episode for failing to operate as a team. Furthermore, the captain dismissed her due to her nasty actions and attitude. Sandy will notify the crew members in episode 10 of Below Deck season 10 that a new deck stew, St. Davis, would be joining the boat.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender is pleased with the new recruit, as he said in a confessional:

“Thank you, God!” I’m in dire need of another stew. I’m familiar with a handful of boats he’s worked on, and Tyler clearly has more experience than both gals combined, which gives me confidence. “I’m feeling optimistic.”

Tyler arrived at the yacht by motorboat in the sneak peek video for the next episode.

All About Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker’s official bio has yet to be posted on Bravo. According to sources, he is a 24-year-old steward with previous experience working on boats. According to the new cast member’s Instagram postings, he is a nature lover who likes surfing, partying, and sailing. He is from Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, according to his LinkedIn page. While his job title is “motor yacht steward,” he has selected the “open to working” option for “Butler and Estate Manager jobs.” According to a tagged Instagram image of the deck stew, he received his butler training from SABA – International Butler Academy in South Africa. His previous experiences on LinkedIn did not include St. Davis from Below Deck, but he did mention other motor boats such as Formosa and Rahil.

Tyler Walker

According to his CV, which can be seen on Below Deck, he has worked as a third stew, a second stew, and even as the head of housekeeping. His sailing career has led him to areas such as Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. In a sneak peek for episode 10, Captain Sandy summoned chief stew Fraser Olender and bosun Ross McHarg to her cabin and told them of Tyler’s appointment as deck stew. While the team leaders were pleased with Tyler’s CV, Sandy advised the two to discuss the new hire’s tasks among themselves and to avoid putting him in the washing business.

The inside crew, which included stews Alissa Humber and Hayley De Sola Pinto, was thrilled with the new deck stew. They were shown praying and hoping that Tyler would not be like Camille in the promo segment.

Why Camille Lamb was sacked from Below Deck?

Since the opening episode of Below Deck season 10, deck stew Camille Lamb has been shown acting disrespectful to her coworkers, particularly Alissa Humber. Until this week’s program, the two were often seen getting into furious debates.

Tyler Walker

Camille’s efforts disappointed not just Alissa, but also chief stew Fraser and chef Rachel Hargrove. When Captain Sandy joined the squad when Captain Lee Rosbach had a medical leave, she saw Camille’s unethical conduct toward her comrades. In episode 9, Captain Sandy decided to terminate Camille after many talks and warnings. The deck stew didn’t depart the boat peacefully, hurling insults at the captain, Fraser, Ross, and cook Rachel.

Meanwhile, she has been replaced by Taylor Walker, a new deck stew who will join the crew in Below Deck season 10 episode 10. The next episode will run on Bravo on Monday, January 30, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.