Who Is Zachariah Noble From “Love Island” Season 10?

Zachariah Noble

The first episode of Love Island UK season 10 was full of shocks, including the arrival of this season’s first bombshell. Normally, a new competitor joins the dating program after the first episode, but this time, bombshell Zachariah Noble joined the villa at the conclusion of the episode. In the following episode, he must choose a partner.

Zachariah Noble, a personal trainer and basketball player from South East London, is 25 years old. The shooting guard recently played for Worcester Wolves in British Basketball. Meanwhile, he’s moved into the Love Island villa. Zachariah would forfeit his opportunity to be on the program if he fails to woo a female within 24 hours.

What Love Island twist resulted in Zachariah Noble’s appearance?

The islanders gathered around the bonfire area at the conclusion of Love Island season 10 episode 1. When host Maya Jama arrived, she asked the females whether any of them were dissatisfied with their partners. Because the pairing was decided by public vote this time, the islanders did not get to choose their partners. Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding moved up to respond to Maya’s inquiry. While the situation was already tight, the presenter delivered another bombshell when she stated that they will be joined by a bombshell/newcomer.

Zachariah Noble

The mansion was thereafter entered by Zachariah Noble. He claimed in his introductory scene that he would add a “bit of drama” since it “seems to follow” him. Maya Jama stated after introducing him to the original islanders:

“So, shortly before you arrived, I challenged the females to come forward if they weren’t convinced they were with the correct guy. And, as you can see, both Jess and Ruchee took a chance. You can tell who is interested in getting to know you.”

She went on to say:

“Well, Zechariah, the power will be in your hands in 24 hours.” You’ll be able to steal any of the females in front of you, not only the ones that have come forward. As a result, one youngster will be left alone and unprotected.”

The male who will be left single may be sent home in the first round of Love Island season 10 until the program drops another surprise.

Why did Zachariah appear on Love Island?

According to Zachariah Noble’s Instagram, his page is full of photographs of him working out, showing off his well-built body, and playing basketball. Will his personal trainer credentials wow the villa’s ladies? The only way to know is to wait and see. Meanwhile, he explained why he opted to take part in the ITV program Love Island.

In his introductory interview, the bombshell said the following:

“I always say, ‘You only grow as a person when you step outside of your comfort zone,’ and I think it’s something so far outside of my comfort zone that I’d be foolish not to try it.” I’m 25 years old and have been having fun, but I also desire the calm and harmony that comes from being with the right lady.”

Zachariah Noble

He went on to characterize himself:

“I’m a very laid-back guy who is completely himself all of the time.” I’m fairly honest and never have trouble establishing friends; I like looking after others.”

Zachariah will be seen conversing with the five original female islanders in episode 2 – Ruchee, Jess, Ella, Catherine, and Molly. If he strikes up a relationship with someone, a new pair will emerge in the villa. Jess Harding and George Fensom came in first, followed by Molly Marsh and Mitchel Taylor, Ella Thomas, and Tyrique Hyde, Catherine Agbaje and André Furtado, and Ruchee Gurung and Mehdi Edno.