Why Did Amy Allen Leave “Dead Files”? Explore Her Career And Personal Life

Amy Allen

Amy Allen, the famed physical medium and former star of the paranormal reality television series Dead Files, unexpectedly quit the program after 14 seasons in 2023. Many followers, who had become used to her remarkable insights into the ghostly world, were taken aback and saddened by her sudden departure. Her abrupt resignation, on the other hand, has sparked a flurry of gossip, with everyone attempting to figure out why she did it. So, let’s look more into the events that led up to and followed this pivotal time in her career.

Amy Allen’s Career in Dead Files

Amy Allen played an important role in Dead Files, collaborating with ex-NYPD murder officer Steve Di Schiavi. They worked together to investigate paranormal phenomena in haunted locations. Amy used her mediumship skills to interact with spirits, while Steve used his investigative skills to locate physical proof, making them a formidable combo. Throughout her 14-season run on Dead Files, Amy visited over 200 haunted locations, aiding several families and businesses in understanding and dealing with paranormal activity.

Amy Allen

Amy Allen’s Departure Announcement

Amy’s departure from Dead Files in April 2023 surprised the paranormal community. Even though she has been a regular on the program for over a decade, she did not explain her decision. She did, however, express her thanks for the opportunity to share her one-of-a-kind talent with the world via Dead Files.

Speculations About Her Departure

Amy’s motives for quitting Dead Files have sparked as much curiosity as any other surprising celebrity move. Some fans speculate that the pressures of working on the program for so long may have resulted in burnout, while others feel she is preparing for a new adventure. There are also rumors of possible clashes with the production crew or dissatisfaction with the show’s direction. Nonetheless, the precise explanation is unknown.

Fans’ and the media’s reactions

Amy’s departure caused shock and dismay among Dead Files fans. Fans expressed their grief, thanks, and best wishes for her future on social media channels. Furthermore, her leaving became a hot issue in the media, sparking several debates and articles evaluating her choice.

Amy Allen’s Personal Life

In her personal life, Amy is now married to Rob Traegler, whom she married in 2011. She was formerly married to Matthew Anderson, but the couple split in 2009. Allen has always stated that she and Traegler support each other in their different jobs and are excited about what the future holds for them.

Amy Allen


Many people are still perplexed by Amy Allen’s departure from Dead Files. While her precise motivations are unknown, her enormous contributions to the program and the paranormal world are undeniable. Regardless of her intentions, Amy has left an unforgettable mark on Dead Files fans.