Who is Will Tennyson? Wiki, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Career

Will Tennyson

Will Tennyson is a well-known YouTube personality who is known for his food-related videos. You may find him on YouTube. His YouTube channel is titled for himself, and he has obscured his supporters so that no one notices them.

Quick Facts

Name Will Tennyson
Age 28 years
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Profession YouTuber, Fitness Trainer
Youtube Will Tennyson

Will Tennyson Biography

Will Tennyson was born on August 30, 1994, to a Canadian family in Toronto, Canada. His zodiac sign is Virgo, and his nickname is Will. He went to a private school in his hometown for high school. However, he hasn’t divulged anything about his educational background.

He is Canadian by birth. However, there is currently no information about his parents. On the other hand, his mother has been spotted on his social media profiles. His two sisters are Victoria and Elizabeth Tennyson. He is not married, but he does have Katie as a girlfriend. They’ve been dating for quite some time, and she appears frequently in his YouTube videos

Will Age, Height And Weight

In 2022, Will Tennyson will be 28 years old. He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs around 82 pounds. His eyes are brown, and his hair is light brown. He is a size 12 shoe wearer (US).

Will Tennyson’s Net Worth

Will Tennyson is worth $600,000.00 USD (estimated). His primary sources of income are YouTube and sponsorships. As a YouTuber, he makes money in a variety of ways. We can only speculate on his advertising earnings. His channel attracts between 5 and 10 million views every month. As a result, he anticipates earning $15,000 per month from advertisements. It’s important to remember that his personal sponsorship income are not included.

On the other side, he uses his social media platforms, mainly Instagram, to market a variety of fitness products. He has over 321k Instagram followers and an 8 percent average engagement rate. As a result, he can expect to make between $922 and $1,537 from a single sponsored post. He has also launched a retail establishment. His store sells a wide range of clothing. His retail business has been a big success, with the bulk of the things on the list selling out. Four of the five things he listed have sold out.


Will Tennyson.

Will Tennyson Career

Will Tennyson started his YouTube career in April 2015, when he started his channel. He did, however, release his first video in four years in June 2019. He primarily shared fitness challenge videos and lifestyle videos. His fitness challenge videos have a large following and have been viewed millions of times. This helped him to grow from a few hundred to thousands of followers. Despite the fact that he does not divulge his subscription figure, it is estimated that he has around one million fans. To date, he has shared 235 videos, with over 130 million total views.