Woah Vicky- All About John Gabbana’s Girlfriend

Woah Vicky

Woah Vicky and John Gabbana kicked off the new year with a bang. Vicky, his fiancée, stunned her eight million TikTok fans with a video montage of her and Gabbana cherishing lovely experiences together.

Who exactly is John Gabbana?

John Gabbana, previously known as Boonk Gang, is a rapper who rose to fame on Instagram. He used his Instagram account, Boonk Gang, to upload prank films and Vines, and he had over five million followers. His success as a social media influencer was unmistakable. In July 2017, he released his debut single, ‘Muttin,’ then in 2018, he released two albums under the moniker Boonk Gang, Gabbana Attack and Dat Boonk Gang Shit.

All of this began to go apart when he began posting tales with graphic material. In 2018, his account was terminated for breaking community norms. After a video of him overdosing on an unknown narcotic during an interview went viral, his followers were disillusioned and devastated. Gabbana was arrested in March 2018 and charged with drugs and assault weapon possession, but she was freed on bond.

Woah Vicky
Woah Vicky and John Gabbana

Gabbana vanished from social media in 2019 after hurting his jaw. A guy was seen striking him in a video, but he denied getting struck and said he ran into a wall. The disappearance of the Boonk Gang caused quite a commotion. After all, this might have been a chance to establish his brand. The rapper has finally abandoned his past turbulent life. He claimed to have found Christ while imprisoned.

He even created a new account, John Gabbana, and deleted all evidence of his previous existence as Boonk Gang. Gabbana said in a video that while in L.A. County prison, he understood the power of Christianity. According to the rapper, he investigated Jesus, memorized Bible tales, and performed for his fellow convicts. In the video, he couldn’t hold back his emotions and cried as he recalled his experience.

Woah Vicky, John Gabbana, and His Girlfriend

Gabbana’s girlfriend is Victoria Rose Waldrip, often known as Woah Vicky. Vicky made it official with a TikTok video in which she uploaded a video of herself and Gabbana with a love and ring emoji in the description. Gabbana and his fiancée went to Instagram to wish their supporters a Happy New Year. Gabbana was giving Vicky a piggyback lift in the photo, which received a lot of praise from their followers. A few admirers prayed for their relationship, some congratulated them on their new beginning, and yet others thought they were suited for one other. Their fans were ecstatic and overjoyed about their connection.

Vicky and Her Disputes

Vicky is an Instagram celebrity, model, and rapper who sometimes gets into trouble.  Vicky made waves when she claimed to be black and used the word “blaccent.” Despite her “transracial” identity, Vicky is fair-skinned and blonde. It has resulted in a lot of outrage from netizens. Vicky was detained when she punched a police officer. Following her release, she released a video in which she yelled “Black Lives Matter!”

Woah Vicky
Woah Vicky

Vicky’s fame has grown as a result of her association with the scandal. She had also threatened Snoop Dogg, which landed her in hot water. She is one of several people who have developed and built a following base by squabbling with other influencers. Her fight with prominent YouTuber RiceGum drew media attention and millions of views in 2017. Vicky took a two-month hiatus from social media in 2018. In an interview with DJ Smallz, she said that her social media break was necessary in order to rebuild her brand and make songs for her followers. She said that she had an OnlyFans account that earns her a lot of money. She is also focusing on her music, YouTube, and TikTok projects. She also said that she is working on her skincare line and a clothing line partnership with Desto.