Wolfgang Van Halen Is Tired Of Being Taunted About His Weight

Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen has received a lot of criticism for being the product of nepotism. Wolfgang Van Halen, the only son of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Van Halen, has been the bassist in his father’s band, Van Halen, since 2006. While he has a successful career, he is frequently derided for his body weight.

Don’t Back Down, a new EP by the thirty-year-old musician, was released recently. Though Wolfgang expected to be chastised for not being as tall as his father, he was criticized for not controlling his weight.

Quick Facts

Full Name Wolfgang Van Halen
Date of Birth March 16, 1991
Age 30 Years
Height/How tall?
6 Feet
Profession Singer, Musician, Drummer, Vocalist
Father Name Eddie Van Halen
Mother Name Valerie Bertinelli
Gender Identity Male
Is Married? No
Is Gay?
Net Worth $12 million

Wolfgang Van Halen Networth

Wolfgang Van Halen’s net worth is about $12 million as of 2021

The Hate Comments Saga

Wolfgang casually tweeted in August 2020 that he had just finished doing “adult” things like vacuuming the living room and couch cushions. While the majority of the comments were lighthearted, one disgruntled user called out his alleged privilege.
Wolfgang responded by tweeting that they should at least use proper grammar if they want to insult him. The tweet went on to say that jokes and insults about nepotism and body weight, as well as living in the shadow of his late father, are a dead horse. He ended his tweet by jokingly urging his detractors to be more creative.

Wolfgang began receiving fat-shaming comments in 2007 when he had just joined his father’s band. Around the same time, People published an article titled ‘I Know Why I’m Fat’ about the sixteen-year-old musician and his family, in which Wolfgang was shown to struggle with controlled proportions while on a diet.

At the time, his mother, Valerie Bertinelli (Emmy Award-winning actress), had just started a diet and successfully lost 10 pounds in three weeks, which is why she put Halen on the same diet.

Wolfgang William Van Halen
Wolfgang William Van Halen

Continuing on the Weight-Loss Path

While there is no concrete record of how much weight Wolfgang has lost, it is assumed that he follows a diet regiment based on his before and after photos. The musician, who turns thirty on March 16, 2021, celebrated his birthday by indulging in miniature cakes decorated with his new solo project’s logo.
In August and September of last year, he posted on Instagram how much he enjoyed his mother’s cooking. Given that Bertinelli is still on a diet, it is reasonable to assume that Wolfgang is as well.