Yolanda Adams Stated That She Was Abused By Her Former Husband

Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams is a gospel singer who has had a long and successful career. Her first album, Mountain High… Valley Low established her as a household name. After rising to popularity, the singer’s every move was relentlessly chronicled by the media. She was often in the press for her job, but she was also in the spotlight for her difficult personal life. Adams married her first husband, Troy Mason, in 1988. The couple had a secret wedding ceremony, and nothing is known about their connection.

It is unknown how and when they met and fell in love. However, by 1990, the couple had filed for divorce, and Adams subsequently confessed that her spouse had mistreated her. In an old video reshared on YouTube by Gospel-Praise Music, Adams came out about the violence and said publicly that it was the reason she dissolved their marriage.

Yolanda Adams was abused by her ex-husband.

Adams was performing in front of an audience when she spoke out about her romance. She said that she had been in an abusive marriage and had traveled throughout the nation recounting what had transpired. She was embarrassed by her background at first, but that all changed when she talked to God. God informed the Gospel star that she had chosen the guy above his will and that he could now use Adams more than ever before because of the trauma she had gone through. That’s when she realized she needed to tell her tale to the rest of the world.

Yolanda Adams

“I hope that by my story, anybody in here who is being physically or emotionally abused, whether a male or a woman, believe me, God does not want you in that circumstance,” the singer stated. She said that just before walking down the aisle, God commanded her not to marry Mason.

However, she ignored his warning and therefore faced the repercussions. Adams said that she was uninjured despite being hit in the face and flung across the room. According to Heavy, Mason refuted the charges and said that Adams was most likely referring to her second spouse.

Yolanda Adams married again.

Adams fell in love with and married former NFL player Tim Crawford seven years after her divorce from her first husband. They had their daughter Taylor Ayanna Crawford in 2001, which the singer said was one of the nicest things that had ever occurred to her. According to Heavy, the singer said in 2002 to JET magazine that motherhood had transformed her life for the better.

Yolanda Adams

“You truly don’t understand love until you have a kid.” “No matter how exhausted I am after a gig or how preoccupied I am after a lengthy recording session — all I have to do is see her adorable grin and know everything is well in the world,” the singer said.

She also discussed her marriages, claiming that it takes at least three years to get to know someone well enough to determine if they want to spend the rest of their lives with that person. Adams and Crawford divorced in 2004 and are committed to peacefully co-parenting their daughter.